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Star wars: Episode 8 (2017)

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Watch movies online for free in good quality hd 720

The Inhabitants of the planets of distant galaxies dream of peace and tranquility. After the war with the aliens has lasted for more than a decade. It then fades, then flares up like a flame, with a vengeance. After each defeat, the forces of darkness gather new military power to strike. And nobody knows whether the cease someday this brutal confrontation.

After the betrayal of his disciple Kyle Wren, peremetnuvshiysya the side of the forces of darkness, Luke Skywalker falls into a severe depression and hiding from everyone. He sadly to realize that the one in whom he has invested its soul, turned out to be a hypocrite. In the decade of respite Resistance has accumulated a lot of effort, but technically still inferior to the enemy. All hope for Luke – he needs in the shortest time to prepare the new guard of Jedi who can adequately reflect the enemy's attacks.

the Alliance's Forces manage to track down Skywalker. The wise Jedi agrees to engage students who have proven that they can successfully interact with the Force. And without these skills they will never be his successors. Inexperienced Jedi full of determination and courage to fight evil. Will the Order to implement your cruel plan?

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