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The day when there was a phone with TV 10.11.2018 at 05:00

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10 Nov 2003, Nokia released a phone with a TV. They became the model 7700 touch screen, which was embedded TV tuner. Thus, users can enjoy television shows without connecting to the Internet. However, at the time many feared that it will have to pay extra, because in many countries, public TV is paid.

Alas, the idea of the TV phone did not survive and today you can find is that in the rootless Chinese antenkami and devices with two SIM-cards. The Nokia 7700 was good for its time: TFT display, 0.3 megapixel camera, EDGE, Bluetooth. But the strange form factor, sharpened it on TV, unfortunately, did not make this gadget a best-seller.

the Nokia 7700

November 10, 1885 the first motorcycle made a trial trip. The apparatus invented by German engineers Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach, their names are known now as names of big brands. Then they developed their own internal combustion engine (the world's first carb) and put it on a wooden Bicycle. The metal was engine only.

First bike

So, got a new vehicle on two wheels, for traffic which does not need to pedal. The volume of the cylinder was 100 cubic centimeters and was installed vertically. The engine develops a power of one horsepower at 600 rpm. Daimler patented it under the name "grandfather clock" as found in the motor similar to the clock-hodinami. The first motorcycle rolled Wilhelm Maybach, as much as 3 kilometers at a speed of 12 km/h on eyes of the amazed public.

10 November 1981 Panasonic released their first pocket PC. The novelty has received the name of The Link and was like no calculator, not something already on the pocket PC. RL-H1000 HHC, this was the non-marketing name of the gadget was intended for research workers. The main peculiarity and difference from the calculator was the ability to connect the device to an external display.

The Panasonic Link

screen on the gadget was calculator, 1 line and 26 characters on it. For those years he was quite good characteristics: processor of 1 MHz, 2-8 KB of memory, 44-pin expansion port and three sockets for extra memory, plus a built-in battery. Additionally, The Link was offered to buy a printer with a built-in port for proigryvaniya cassettes. He was able not only to print but to store data on cassettes. The microcomputer was sold in three variations: with 2, 4 and 8 KB of memory and depending on this cost from 400 to 600$.