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Analysis of the margin levels - GBPUSD: medium-term sales in priority, but first a few lows.

FreshForex news RSS 12.11.2018 at 04:27

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GBPUSD - flat

the Long-term trend: shorts. The maximum levels of volume accumulation current contract 1.31713 and we strayed from the specified cluster. Level showed his power!!! Medium-term trend: in short, changed regarding past predictions and recommendations. Levels are the most traded by volume Sortovala medium-term trend located on quotations 1.29395, 1.30974-1.31101, the pair is currently trading below these accumulations, which tells us about the power sellers. Region of the best price for sale terms of the areas of the margin is between 1/4 and 1/2 is constructed from at least 12.11.2018. Quote of the lower boundary of the zone 1/4-1.29884, listing the lower boundary of the zone 1/2-1.30538. Intraday targets: update lows from 12.11.2018-1.29235, medium-term goals: test the upper boundary of SNKS - 1.27794. Trading recommendations: sales of medium-range prices, the formation of the reversal pattern and the "overflow" level DPOC. BUT given the congestion in the volume of momentum we need to first wait for the update lows below the range of prices was lower than a cluster of volumes. So today while out of the market!!!

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