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Weekly Analytics Optional analysis - Weekly review of AUD/USD, gold, oil

FreshForex news RSS 12.11.2018 at 07:26

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Monthly options contracts are traded in the comfort zone below the balance of the day 0.7227. The dominating forces on the side of the sellers. Range weekly NKZ-level 0.7163 – 0.7164, is the main and main where we can expect the trend to continue its upward growth momentum update critical highs. The previous contract was preexperience in the comfort zone. The level of maximum profit 0.7145, as well providing support for prices. New contract gains liquidity in the area of OSA. The report reflects data confirms continued growth dynamics of this currency pair.

Trading recommendations: Sell 0.7147 - 0.7247 Take Profit 0.7267 – 0.7301


By monthly option contracts, the price traded in the comfort zone below the balance of the day 1208. Dominant forces with a major advantage on the side of sellers. The decrease in the level of weekly NKZ 1200, is the main script. The main focus of the week will focus on the growth of the pair in the area of margin best price 1220 – 1230, where it is profitable to find the entry point for purchases in the medium term. Main support at this stage is the range of 1203 – 1200. The closing price for the level of margin requirements of 1⁄2-week test provokes not waste NKZ 1250.

Trading recommendations: Buy 1203 – Take Profit 1198 1220 – 1230

Oil "WTI"

Monthly options contracts are traded in the comfort zone, higher than the balance of the day 60.21. The dominating forces on the side of sellers with a 20% advantage, but Delta reduced growth. The characteristic bounce off award of market boundaries is a major signal to change the trend. The active resistance of the contracts sellers are concentrated at the level of 60.00. The maximum profit of the contract with expiration this week is at the level of 62.52. The growth of the asset in a maximum resistance area with a consequent reduction in the comfort zone is the main script of the week.

Trading recommendations: Buy 60.35 – Take Profit 60.90 62.52 – 63.11