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Optional analysis - USD/JPY: Time to work off a debt!

FreshForex news RSS 12.11.2018 at 07:59

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Monthly options contracts traded in the area of loss above the level of the balance of the day 113.77. The dominant position of the buyers. Significant losses from the previous month contract. Main streaming the debt is at the level of 113.28. Active resistance is concentrated on the level of weekly NKZ 114.42 – 114.63. The contract range is quite wide, that is a harbinger of volatility. The desire rates in the area best price 113.40 – 113.13 margin is a priority. The main change of the dynamics will occur after the consolidation of ½ NKZ. Merchant solutions: Sell 114.42 – 114.57 Take Profit 113.37– 113.00 And you know where the highest yield on JPY?

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