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Determination of potential trend - EURUSD. Further down to the 1.1276.

FreshForex news RSS 12.11.2018 at 19:28

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Daily chart: retains the overall downward trend towards the lower Bollinger band (1.1276).

H4: South trending extension of the envelopes Bollinger the background of the active ADX also indicates a high probability of falling of quotations in the direction of 1.1276 and perhaps even lower.

H1: local ADX on Friday began to decline at the approach to the trend area, which makes possible a delay in the flat the hallway 1.1323-1.1363 (Bollinger bands).


the Main scenario - reduction in the direction of 1.1276.

Alternative scenario - flat in the range 1.1323-1.1363.

Trading decisions: searching for local signals to sales in the direction of 1.1276. The optimum area of the input 1.1363 (in the case of upward correction).

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