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Determination of potential trend - GBPUSD. Determine the optimal area for new sales.

FreshForex news RSS 12.11.2018 at 20:26

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GBPUSD - flat

Daily chart: a descending wave aimed at the lower Bollinger band (1.2713), but occurs against the backdrop of falling ADX that says anything about the flat nature of the market, or not too volatile reduction with regular local kickbacks up.

H4: locally note breakdown of the lower envelope Bollinger (signal continuation of the main trend), plus a very active trend indicator ADX that contributes to the further decline of quotations in the direction of the zone 1.2776, where you can see the area demand for the pound formed a bullish pattern O&U.

H1: local support in the area of the lower Bollinger band (1.2957) can swing the market in a correction towards 1.2995 area-1.3017, where the decline will continue.


the Main scenario - reduction to 1.2776.

the Alternative scenario - a rollback in the area of 1.299-1.3017, where will be a new descending wave in the direction of 1.2776.

Trading decisions: searching for local signals to sales in the direction of 1.2776. The optimal entrance area - 1.2995-1.3017.

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