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Analysis of the margin levels - EURUSD: sale of range best prices.

FreshForex news RSS 13.11.2018 at 04:17

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the Long-term trend: shorts. The maximum concentration of the volume of the current contract is based on quotes 1.14150-1.14250 (primary resistance). The pair is trading below the specified range, which indicates the power sellers. Medium-term trend: shorts. The maximum levels of volume accumulation Sortovala medium-term trend are based on the quotations range 1.13357-1.13473, currently the pair is trading below this range, indicating that the power sellers. Region of the best price for sale terms of the areas of the margin is between 1/4 and 1/2 is constructed from at least 12.11.2018. Quote of the lower boundary of the zone 1/4-1.12616, listing the lower boundary of the zone 1/2-1.13077. Intraday targets: update lows from 12.11.2018 (1.12154), medium-term goals: test the upper boundary of SNCS (1.11325) Trading recommendations: medium-term sales from a range of prices, the formation of the reversal pattern. Stop over the high of the pattern.

Sell: 1.12616-1.13077, Take Profit 1-1.12154, Take Profit 2-1.11325

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