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Review of the film "Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald" Reviews 14.11.2018 at 16:09

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Good Eddie Redmayne and bad johnny Depp in search of the unfortunate Ezra Miller; Jude law, a young Dumbledore.

Ornery grin-de-Vald escapes from custody and moved from new York to Europe, where he plans to destroy the harmony between the worlds of magic and an UN-magic. A special rate it does while in the CCR (he was alive and very dangerous), which considers "the only living creature capable of killing Dumbledore". The CCR also looking for newt Salamander (the task that Dumbledore himself) and became mrcobra Tina Goldstein. The kid obscure meanwhile, desperately searches for his biological mother.

the Final trailer for "Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald"

unfortunately, the second "Fantastic beasts" is not as good as the first.

the film was still moderately charming tale, this is one of its poster hints at the establishment of fascism and other serious cases ("Now everyone must choose whose side he's on"). Green de Wald says sometimes it seems sensible things (thus luring in their networks naive supporters), scares the horrors of the coming war and even a nuclear explosion (which would happen if the delay and time is not to turn ordinary people into slavery) and some of the characters of his weakness will be deceived by his charisma and speeches. But, of course, not the spectators who witnessed the minions of the villain in a matter of moments cut out of a peaceful French family for the Paris housing (killing including the glorious baby).

given the fact that in the first series the main antagonist was subtly disguised, his current "Crime" - as if not a sequel at all, but another beginning - a new beginning of something bigger that will receive its solution only in the next series. But because - unlike two years ago, tape - independent meaning of this picture is reduced almost to nothing: characters we already know, their development is minimal, and for the finale we come, as we know, no earlier than 2024.

Featureda film with George.To. Rowling and Eddie Redmayne

the Problem is that the narrative is fragmented into numerous entities (including several new ones), why the camera jumps from one to the other, without giving a chance for someone to focus - and this rarely goes to the movies benefit. Look: here is newt overtakes green sprout in the pursuit of a button; but Lita, a childhood friend and the bride's brother, builds his eyes; Jacob, which has returned the memory, is afraid to get married - and Queenie gives; Tina, a fool, to believe the tabloid press, Creedence, poor girl, runs away along with able to turn around the snake Nagini, while Dumbledore, who, as we know, bugger literally blowing a lot of smoke...

Follow all of them (and it's not even a complete list of characters is, for example, the immortal alchemist Flamel) is very tiring, especially because of the coupling between the characters at times rather conventional and disagreements happen literally out of the blue.

Featureda film with Eddie Redmayne and Jude law

But the most regrettable: the new film is simply boring. Yes, there still is nihl (they are now even several) runs past a young Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore and refreshed, not without tears in his voice, sighs for his estranged friend of his youth ("We were closer than brothers"). And all and then explodes colorfully spin Yes - but disappeared with all the old energy, the humor vanished, and, oddly enough, vanished magic itself.

Sometimes the action and is mercilessly slow, carried away, maybe useful, but completely (?) unnecessary flashback - away in the Hogwarts of the past, in great detail deconstructing the supposedly important to the plot the family tree (in the face of death, think "Titanic"). As a result, the film goes very dreary, slow and not so fantastic as we would, undoubtedly, like.

Fichureo with the participation Dzh.To. Rowling and the actors of the film

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