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News. Why Sobchak PR on pregnancy?

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 14.11.2018 at 08:56

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The First media that reported the pregnancy Xenia anatolevny Sobchak, has become the Internet portal "Super". The source for the newspaper has been more than reliable. The words that the presenter is in an interesting position for the second time, said during a conversation with a journalist, the official representative of Xenia Kirill Sukhanov. At the same time, Sobchak began to wear loose at the waist things and to laugh it off, evading a direct answer. When it became apparent that the figure of Xenia remains the same, she drinks alcohol in the company of friends and often dresses in tight clothes, the journalists once again began to raise questions. In response Sobchak TV presenter in the characteristic abrupt manner said that she was tired of hunters for other people's pregnancies, who now writes that she had an abortion from a mythical lover. Representatives of the publication were outraged because they do not regurgitate rumors and published information on the basis of data of "word of mouth". Understand the history, journalists published an angry post in his telegram channel. As it turned out, the information was voiced by Cyril with the filing of the Sobchak. Xenia was need more PR before the start of a new show. His goal she has achieved by putting liars the edition. However, "Super" note that the recording of a conversation with Sukhanov they have preserved, but because they are waiting for an apology from the presenter and still be friends.

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