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News. The Semchev: "I got rid of 40 pounds"

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 15.11.2018 at 07:37

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Aleksandr Semchev has become a true example for those who unsuccessfully struggling with excess weight. A man surprised his fans with a form, which he was able to find over the past few months. At first, seeing the photograph of Alexander posing with a colleague, fans of the actor have sounded the alarm. It is so thin that almost ceased to be recognizable. And only the face and signature smile was given in this short and highly postroeniem the favorite of millions. Touched by such a clear expression of concern by the fans, Alexander hurried to assure everyone that he, thank God, there is no disease. "I hasten to reassure them: the roots are not in some disease, and proper nutrition. About the end result too early to say. Don't know how long I can do this, but at the moment I got rid of 40 pounds," explained the Semchev. The main question, as he did, the man also replied in detail: first, Alexander moved to a fractional power, second, completely abandoned fat and sweet foods, and thirdly, your diet just healthy eating and plenty of vitamins that help the body cope with stress. The reasons why it to lose weight, Alexander says simply: first and foremost for themselves, and in the second place because of work. According to the artist, he long studied the special literature, weighing all "for" and "against" to a maximum precision to choose for themselves the correct diet. But from the advertised diets, the services of dieticians and inflated fitness trainers, the actor immediately refused, deciding to rely solely on their strength. Recall that the weight of Alexander Semchev for many years was at almost 200 pounds. The man often took part in the programs associated with excess weight, but no practical use, they did not bring him until he decided to take his health.

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