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News. Lazarev Buzova: "Olga, go with God"

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 15.11.2018 at 10:19

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Popular TV presenter Anastasia Ivlieva for the filming of another edition of his own show, invited Sergey Lazarev. According to the artist, this format of meeting him very much. He said that along with Ulevoi they managed to touch on serious topics, and also for a good laugh. Some of the jokes were on the verge, and therefore all particularly susceptible Sergey recommended not to watch this release. In particular, She invented a game called "guess the star". A few words she described the famous representatives of show-business, not calling them names. Sergei with his hand had to guess, who is meant Anastasia. No complications have not arisen Lazareva Olga Buzova. Heard the phrase that a celebrity singer, but the biggest sin of it is that it considers itself only herself, Lazarev laughed and have the right name. Nastya reasonably said that it is the only one not to know it was really difficult. Rounded out the conversation about Buzova Lazarev phrase: "Olga, go with God." Also easy to learn Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov and Yury Lazarev Dude failed. Surprised spectators Sergey unusual dance. Fiery PA in the frame Sergei showed, shod with shoes on a high hairpin. Also the leader and the singer sang a duet karaoke. Many fans noted that it was one of the best editions of the show Ivlievu.

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