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News. Bilan is watching a place in the cemetery

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 15.11.2018 at 10:51

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Fans congratulate Dima Bilan deserved, in their opinion, the title. Bilan at official level was given the honor to become the people's artist of Russia. The contractor said that for him it is a great joy. To this title he has been for many years and had no hope that will ever get it. A landmark in the singer's life event occurred on November 14. The document was signed by the current President. As stated in the official message, a title he received for his fruitful work for many years, and also for the contribution the Executive has made to the development of art and culture. Moved, Bilan said that the music he was fond of since childhood, and truly loves her still. It is this desire to become the best he explains their success. Recall that Bilan represented Russia at the international level. Twice he went to the Eurovision song contest. After losing once, he came back on stage again and took a well-deserved award, having taken the honourable first place. Said Dima and exciting perks which are attached to a new title. It turned out that for the folk artists, there are special conditions choice of burial in Novodevichy or Vagankovskoye cemetery. "Very good," summed up the resulting preference singer.

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