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News. Hagolan called themselves the two-faced man

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 15.11.2018 at 16:39

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Andrew Hagolan admitted to fans that he is two-faced man. Your post is the revelation that the actor has placed on the page in social network Instagram. But many doubt the sincerity of this statement. More recently, the actor did not hesitate to "ride" his colleague from the TV channel TNT Olga Buzova. The man made a disparaging remark about her work with Jeremy Meeks, saying that for fame, she even willing to cooperate with the offender. Then leading the singing didn't become as-or to comment on the words Giulana, not wanting, apparently, to provoke another conflict. Do not climb on the rampage and Andrew. Though his fans knew that about Olga, he has a low opinion. And suddenly, unexpected news! Irreconcilable opponents made a joint photo, which depicted polyannaish. It was under him, and then placed the actor his sentimental monologue: "I don't know what to do... I sometimes think that I'm not two-faced, and triliogy man!" began Andrew. Further, he himself recalled how "wrote the slander on Olga", was built by her intrigues, scheming behind her back and cavernicole. "I'm so tired" - read a sequel - "If I could, I would myself unsubscribed!". And in the end the man hinted that he might visit a big solo concert of the singer, which will be held in Moscow on November 18. View this post in Instagram a Publication from Andrew Hagolan (@gaydulyan) 14 Nov 2018 at 8:00 am PST of Course, many fans Giulana appreciated his irony and had a good laugh over how the actor calls himself in this post. But, there were those who, in principle, not liking his photo Buzovoy. Some even decided to unsubscribe from Andrew, and someone said that singing the praises of Olga, he dropped his face. Do not stay aside and devoted fans leading the singing. They were very happy that their pet had one famous fan more.

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