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News. Why Fame doesn't want to get married?

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 15.11.2018 at 19:58

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Singer Slava is a very beautiful and talented woman. She has millions of fans, two beautiful daughters and a permanent man with whom she is together for 16 years. However, not many people know that Glory is not officially married. Moreover, the artist says that this event has still not happened on her initiative. Anastasia Slanevskaya, so it sounds real name of the singer, the marriage was only once. Long it lasted, therefore the woman has almost he remembers about him. But the relationship with your current civil husband Anatoly Danilitskiy she is quite happy. This Union has existed since 2002, it was born the second daughter of Fame - Antonina and all in a couple of peace and quiet. So what prevents the lovers to get married? It turns out that the singer strongly against this idea. In a recent interview, she shared: "I probably some not so, because I never wanted to get married. I even talk on this topic has always irritated" - said Nastya. Further, she explained that completely unable to tolerate any limits and restrictions, and obligations in General tries to avoid: "I - if that's not for me, turn around and leave". And then if something happens you do not deal with division of property and financial disputes better any papers do not sign. In recognition of the Fame, Anatoly offered his hand and heart many times, but always got refusals. Over time he has accepted this fact and now it is just enough that the lovely woman next. Among other things, shared Glory and their memories of the second pregnancy. "I dreamed of a crazy child. And when I learned that in position, I almost jumped into the street without clothes," - the woman laughs. The eldest daughter of the singer Alexander's first great love, the younger sister did not feel, but now, the story of the mother between sisters there is a "period mad love and hugs".

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