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2 opinions. To throw the husband, to leave the lover?

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 15.11.2018 at 21:00

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Can start to throw a Shoe at me! But we need opinion from the heart. Married 8 years, no children. Was in the plans, but decided to wait. There is everything else – good job both of you, own dwelling, car, etc. It would seem, live and rejoice. But a couple years ago realized that the feelings for her husband, lost interest in the region, if not ended. Occasional gusts of residues of feelings, but very rarely. He loves me, it can be seen and felt. Fell in love with another, the feeling is mutual. He wants to get back together officially and no one could escape. I also really want this. But there is a significant and major "But": he is married with two children. About a real relationship with his wife does not know, but apparently – "not a fountain", although I can't judge. I'm afraid to chop off everything and leave her husband, it would not have had to regret that did not appreciate what happened. But to live with a man who brings more frustration than love, do not want. And it useless to torment by such relation. Look at him and think – what is he still near and dear, but I do not like. Working on the relationship and complain about the crisis do not see the point, passed a lot. To start a new relationship with a man with baggage, callous as it may sound, of course, scary and exciting, waiting for a lot of pleasant and not very. But here I am ready to work and cope with the problems, but we are both ready for it. To come to their senses and continue to live with her husband is not an option, I'll torment myself with the thought that you could have done differently, but didn't. To appeal to the conscience due to his two young (under 10 years) children also have children and no one throws them refuses. How to make the right decision? What to do? To take the risk? What would you do in my place?

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