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On top of the pyramid: why the Russians don't want to leave ", Cerberi" themes of the day 12.11.2018 at 21:04

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On 12 November, the court blocked sites", Cerberi" that the Central Bank had earlier announced a financial pyramid. Founder Artur Vardanyan promised to pay back customers and revive the project. But the adherents of the "Casbee" do not lose heart. In social networks and messengers they think, how to live and what you should invest .

"Babelsberger and lochowska"

"Paid a profit in 2013", — stated in advertising", Cerberi". Other promotional literature stated that the project was officially launched on 19 January 2017. It would seem that this discrepancy should raise questions. Actually both dates are partly accurate.

In 2013 in Rostov-na-Donu was registered microfinance organization "Cerberi", three years later, in November 2016 — Rostov at the same address opened, "Cerberi". To him afterwards added to the British Cashberry Limited, pawnshop and two micro-credit company "Chrysolite" and "Sardonyx". By January 2017, all will be ready to launch a so-called platform for investors.

"Cerberi" positioned itself as the flagship of p2p lending. According to the creators, making money, the man credited for the high percentage of other project participants. On the website it was stated that the invested funds within 48 hours will be allocated for the loans, which will be displayed in your account. The transfers were carried out not in favor of the platform and on cards or individuals ' accounts. Formally "Cerberi" investors ' money is not collected. The project participants also proposed to invest in foreign currency and cryptocurrency, Finance small businesses and to join the referral program. For attracting new customers could get the local currency. The so-called "vnutryanku" exchanged for money or taken out — on the forums you can find many suggestions on this subject.

as for payments, according to the participants, they were regular until the spring of this year. Then came the first reports that "Cerberi" — skam (eng. scam — fraud. — Approx. Banks.PY). The project was called "balassanian" and "Lugovskoy", but the negative was more than offset by the positive reviews.

"99 percent-earning people will always say that profitable projects it is a Scam," wrote a user on one of their forums. (Here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved. — Approx.

the scheme of "Casbee" from the very beginning had the characteristics of a financial pyramid. According to the Central Bank, eight of them:

the absence of a license by the FCSM/FFMS of Russia or the Bank of Russia on realization of activity on attraction of money; the promise of high returns, several times higher than the market level; guarantee of return (which is prohibited in the securities market); massive advertising in the mass media, the Internet with the promise of high returns; the absence of any information about the financial situation of the organization; payment of funds to the new members of the monetary funds contributed by other investors earlier; the lack of private fixed assets, other high value assets; there is no precise definition of the organization's activities.

"Cerberi" as Cashberry Limited license to raise funds had not. MFIs and credit cooperatives were liquidated in the summer of 2018. But even before this their work was in doubt: in the databases like "Spark Interfaks" and "Kronos" matched address and the date of registration, the number of employees was minimal. Organizational structure of the group was opaque. The company did not disclose accounts and assets, and their activities were described vague — "a platform for meetings of investors." Another important detail — the advertising and the promise of high returns. If the signs of the bubble was as obvious as it managed to attract tens of thousands of Russians?

the Hype, but the quality

"Cerberi" we were able to catch the attention of the audience who did not fall for the tricks of financial pyramids, the Chairman of the Board of the International Confederation of consumer societies Dmitry Yanin. "We believe that most of the victims were entered into the project unconsciously. The flourishing of financial pyramids was in 1993-1995, it's been 25 years — a whole generation. The current 30-year-old this story, most likely, not remember. Just look who's touting a "Casbee". They promoted not those stars that are popular with 15-year-old or 50-year-old" — said Janine.

Financial illiteracy is not the only reason for the popularity of "Casbee". Many participants in the specialized forums and groups a few months ago I wrote about the imminent collapse of the project, but the money to take chances.


"If you compare Kasbari with other HYIPs, he's currently the highest quality, as it works already half a year, and this is a very good time. This year many outright Scam, having worked for a 2 weeks closed. And here we can only guess or attracted enough investors and the project is not extended and the admins are forced to shut it down or the admins of the project was initially planned to mow the depositors. And against this background CSB keeps a stiff upper lip. But all good things must end, and perhaps in the near future, Casbee cocamide and then those who later invested and did not manage to recapture their sum will be screaming that CSB scammers, etc," wrote one of the participants of the project.

He's not the only one who had no illusions about "Cerberi". The Network has many communities of those who "earn in HYIPs". Fashionable word — tracing from the English of the HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). We are talking about initially fraudulent financial projects. HYIP investing first became popular in the West and then spread to Russia, says General Director of "Ehmkvarta. Personal Advisor" Natalia Smirnova.

"the Investor knows that he goes to the pyramid, understands that this is a high risk, and hopes to pop up. The same kind we had MMM-2012. Mavrodi was originally told that this pyramid, but the people there went", — says the expert. According to Smirnova, HYIP investors guide to high-risk projects of up to 10% of its capital.

In communities dedicated to this method of income, people share ideas and strategies, assess risks. There turn to the author of the financial bestsellers like Robert Kiyosaki or Alexander elder.

"is Studied and tested scheme of "Break". Actually it is the law under which you live "Scheme Poncia", in which they develop and collapse. It turns out that almost any pyramid can be calculated quite accurately, when there will be another break. In fact, "Kesari" died at the second break. Not exactly dead, but the founders took the time to attempt to launch the next explosive growth," — says one user.

the Adherents of HYIP investing also like to refer that to predict the revocation of the Bank as hard as the collapse of the financial pyramid. But, in their opinion, the yield justifies the risk.

to Correctly assess the risks of such projects is that the organizers, said Natalia Smirnova. "The rest of us can presume to know, but really only try to catch the first wave to come out before it will run. Technical analysis, fundamental analysis will not help. You just have to know the internal calculations when the input does not begin to cover the possible exit. It only knows the maker" — sums up the expert.

", cerberi, not a pyramid"

the Creators of "Casbee" do not hurry to part with clients. Arthur Vardanyan promised in February to launch a new platform — GDC (Global Decentralizated Community). While the participants of the previous project I think, to believe again Vardanyan, their focus is trying to catch others. In "Vkontakte" you can find hundreds of publications that mention collapse "Casbee" and an invitation to the new project.

the found is at least eight projects with a similar argument. It AirBitClub, Stepium, Deniko, Syntera, GMMG, Sportvest Capital, housing cooperative Best Way Haritonov and Capital. They have some signs of financial pyramids, as described by the Central Bank, and Capital Sportvest 2 Nov already suspended payments. To estimate how many participants "Cerberi" interested in similar projects, it is impossible. The Correspondent got in touch with the people who advertise these services on their pages in social networks. Questions about the legality of the product they answered evasively, and some refused to continue the dialogue. Network communities dedicated to HYIP investment, also widely discussed in economic games. This is an online simulation with the possibility of withdrawal. Forest Invest, Money Dwarves, FruitMoney, Motormoney just a few of hundreds available. Such projects are short and only in the online space.

Quote Crime without punishment

In Russia from 2016 valid criminal liability for creation of financial pyramids.

Those who are using such schemes has collected more than 9 million rubles, faces up to six years of imprisonment. For advertising and involvement in a pyramid scheme stipulates an administrative fine up to 50 thousand rubles for individuals, up to 1 million for organizations. Theoretically, those who advertised "Cerberi" in social networks, can be held accountable. Even Olga Buzova.

Articles designed to fight against financial pyramids are not actively used, says the Deputy Chairperson of the Collegium of advocates "De jure" Anton pulyaev. According to him, effectively able to prevent, except that advertising of financial pyramids in the media, because they store information about the campaigns. If we are talking about the dissemination of information in social networks, to fight it harder.

to Begin criminal prosecution of the organizers is also difficult. There need statements from the victims. "The size of attracted investments in which there is a possibility of a criminal case, is large enough and requires a one-time treatment of a large number of investors. This allows the organizers a long time to avoid criminal liability. And, as a rule, at the time of understanding from investors and law enforcement that a crime was committed, the funds and property of the organization receiving the investment, do not exist, and therefore, the victims have the opportunity to get only moral satisfaction from bringing the organizers to justice, but not money," explains pulyaev.

it Seems that with "Cerberi" moment is also lost. The Bank of Russia has described the project as a pyramid scheme and referred the materials to law enforcement on September 27. Any information about the questioning or detention of the suspects was not, on the evening of 12 November, the website "Cerberi" still functioned.