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Figure of the day: How many ATMs all over the world under the threat of hacking? 15.11.2018 at 10:32

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Figure of the day:


ATMs around the world under the threat of hacking.

the Company Positive Technologies conducted a study on the security of ATMs and found that about 85% of devices vulnerable to attacks aimed directly at stealing money.

Experts searched for vulnerabilities in 26 models of ATMs of NCR, Nixdorf and Diebold GRGBanking. All of revealed certain problems. If you have access into the service area of the ATM, that is, to the computer, hackers can with absolute probability to obtain the credit cards which were considered by the reader in the last 15 minutes.

the attacker can obtain credit card data by simply capturing information during the transfer of data between the ATM and the processing center, or between the operating system of the ATM and card reader. This does not require skimming device from the ATM have learned to protect.