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The day when the plane flew 10 times the speed of sound 16.11.2018 at 05:00

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November 16, 2004 unmanned plane X–43A set a record speed of 9.6 times the speed of sound. This flight completed a seven-year program of NASA's Hyper-X, This experimental hypersonic aircraft developed by NASA in the framework of the project Hyper-X. His goal was, of course, not records, and explore the possibilities of ramjet engines and the aerodynamic properties of the apparatus at very high speeds.


the Difference between these engines from, for example, missiles traditionally used to achieve high speeds, that take oxygen from the atmosphere, and do not carry it in a liquefied state for yourself. Scientists believe that this will simplify, cheapen and make more secure high-speed flight, as well as access to low orbit (then, of course, you will need rocket engines).

the Mach Number — the ratio of flow velocity to speed of sound in that medium. We must note that at high altitude the speed of sound is slightly lower than the surface of the earth.

to Start from the ground X–43A could not, in the air he raised the heavy bombers B–52. Then the drone with the rocket engine has reached a speed four times the speed of sound. But at this stage in the case entered the RAM-jet for 10 seconds to disperse the aircraft to 9.7 Max (11200 km/h or more than 3 kilometers per second) and raised him to a height of 30 kilometers.

NASA had planned to create other modifications of the X–43, but in 2013, the Agency froze the project. At the same time, Boeing is developing the X–51A Waverider ("Weldolet") is a hypersonic cruise missile for military purposes. Yet its own record — "only" 5.1 max.

the speed record for manned aircraft that uses atmospheric oxygen, since 1976 belongs to the American strategic reconnaissance Lockheed SR–71 "Blackbird". "Blackbird" was accelerated to Mach 3.2.

16 Nov 2010 ended "thirty years war" between Apple and The Beatles in the iTunes store there were songs of the legendary band.

However, Apple fought not with the "Fab four". At the end of the 70s represented the interests of the group's company Apple Corps sued on "the" Apple Computers for illegal use of trademarks. The dispute was resolved after three years in court while seemingly minor detail: The Beatles had no right to release the computers, and Apple Computers had to ignore the music market. The Beatles were a part of the agreement was faithfully adhered to: the musicians have not made a single computer. But Apple music is not ignored. In 91-m to year she received a new claim due to the fact that the Macintosh could play music files, and another one in 2003, when the company launched the iTunes store. This part of the story ended in 2007, Apple paid Apple Corps $ 500 million for global rights to the name.

the Second part of the story for EMI Music — she owned the rights to most of the music group, but could not agree with her about the digital versions of the songs. Top managers of the label of modern thought, however, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison — widows of John Lennon and George Harrison is believed that buying and downloading a song on the computer, people immediately rush to copy them and distribute to friends.

The Beatles. Now in iTunes.

to Settle the dispute was only by the summer of 2010, and 16 November the main page of the Apple website took photos of The Beatles. All of his Studio albums were in the iTunes store, the full collection was worth $ 149.