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In MFC poured passport data of Russians in the open access 16.11.2018 at 08:22

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Multi-function centers (MFCS) were stored in open access personal user data, including passport information. About it reported the edition "Kommersant".

the Journalists found "a lot" of scanned copies of passports and other documents on computers in General use in the MFC. These copies allow criminals and fraudsters to issue microloans, and even to access user accounts. It is also noted that the relevant ministries will carry such data storage to gross violations.

the Press service of the IFC has responded to the article "Kommersant". The Agency emphasizes that the computers in the area of e-services do not have full Internet access and they only use a limited number of sites. Furthermore, the employees once a day, clean Desk and cart computers. However, the press service stressed that users should keep in mind that this computer during the day can access everyone and so do not leave them on the important data:

"the Computers are in common use, and they can use anyone. However, some applicants when using computers they leave the scanned copies of documents, personal data. We once again urge residents to be attentive to their personal data and not to leave important documents on computers in common use".