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PlayStation 5 will be a real "monster" 16.11.2018 at 11:01

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Sony yesterday confirmed that it will not participate in summer E3 2019. Many were disappointed by it, because the fans were hoping for at least a short announcement of game consoles next generation at this event. However, the user RuthenicCookie4 social news site Reddit said additional details about the console.

According to the source, the PlayStation 5 will be a real "monster" and the company is intensively preparing to release a console, that is why it ignores such important events as the E3 2019. In this short demonstration of the PlayStation 5 is scheduled just for mid-2019, and a full announcement in December 2019 at PlayStation Experience.

Many developers have already received development kit PS5 dev kit. So EA and Bioware have already tested the Anthem on the test console. Thus the Ghost of Tsushima Stranding and Death will not be exclusives for the PS5, but will be released on it too.

the Hardware-based consoles will be Ryzen OCTA-core processor from AMD, and estimated price will be $ 500. The release is expected either in April or in November 2020.