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Biodinamica. Ego-Functions the multidimensional structure of the human body, holistic therapy, vibrational medicine 16.11.2018 at 20:19

Bodily oriented therapy, manual therapy, massage. Exchange of experience. New publications.

The Result of research conducted by scientists-biodynamically for several decades, was a selection of eleven categories of psychological functions, which we call Ego-Functions. Each muscle and group of related muscles embody a certain psychological content, which is associated with one of the Ego-Function, and sometimes more than one.

the Response that the therapist receives, by sensing a certain muscle, gives information about the pattern of Ego-Functions of the client - and at the same time, information about the Structure of Nature and the corresponding stages of development in childhood. Combining these two layers of information gives a valuable new vision of the therapeutic process and progress with problem muscles through contact or through the exploration of movement helps to Express the psychological content of a given muscle and a lot of correspondences between the Structures of Nature and the Ego-Functions.

Biodynamiska model describes eleven Ego-Functions.