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Severgazbank increased rates on deposits press releases 14.11.2018 at 21:03

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Severgazbank raised interest rates on most deposits for private clients. The increase in rates was 0.1—1.9 percentage points on ruble deposits and 0.04—1,35 p. p. for deposits in United States dollars. The size of the increase depends on the type of contribution. Thus, to open the rouble contribution in the present time with a yield of 8.3% per annum, while deposits in US dollars with a yield of 3% per annum. The increase in rates due to the recent increase in discount rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and its possible further growth, and with the desire of the Bank to make deposits more attractive for the holding and promotion of clients ' funds.

Severgazbank offers a wide range of deposits where each depositor can find the best product based on their needs. Deposits category "Solve" the possibility of withdrawal and replenishment of funds. Deposits "Add" can be replenished. On deposits "Spread" the possibility of withdrawing or depositing is missing, with interest thereon accrued at the higher rate.

All these contributions can be access online through system of remote Bank service — mobile or online app Severgazbank. This is not only convenient because you do not need to visit the Bank's office, but also profitable — the rates on online deposits to an average of 0.3 percentage points. To Deposit or withdraw funds from such deposits by using Bank cards Severgazbank.

it should be noted that Deposit "On top", which is registered together with the opening of individual account private pension provision (NGOs) to NPF "Gazfond pension savings". For this Deposit, provided the highest rate among the Bank's deposits in the amount of 8.3% per annum.