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Multiple childbirth. What you need to know? 15.11.2018 at 09:00

Planning for pregnancy, birth, parenting and child development

If you are expecting twins or triplets, you will have multiple births. In these genera the features. Competence of doctors and the equipment of maternity hospitals is very important for a successful result of such delivery. Multiple births require skilled and professional staff. The birth of two or more children at once — one of the easiest problems in obstetrics. Every child can behave individually during childbirth. While one of the children are completely healthy, the other can be complications.

Multiple births are one of the causes of infant mortality in childbirth. Worst of all, if the second child was not seen on time (bad testing or the mother refused ultrasound), and suddenly found when births are in full swing. Not infrequently, one of the babies could not be saved.


it Was discovered that twins or twins appear about 1-2 times out of 100 pregnancies. Even rarer is born triplets, four or five babies. However, since the mid-twentieth century, when Gonadotrophins (hormones that stimulate ovulation) began to enter the barren women, the frequency of multiple pregnancies has increased. In some cases, were born six twins. But, unfortunately, such children because of their prematurity does not always survive. The birth of the five children who survived infancy, was first registered in 1934 in Canada. Surviving the first six twins were in South Africa in 1974. After a while, as has been reported cases of such an amazing birth.


Pregnancy with twins can often be the result of fertilization of two eggs at the same time formed in the ovary, or one egg, which during the subsequent crushing for some reason, completely divides into two separate cells. When born the so-called twins, they are fraternal twins. And when you are born identical, they are called identical twins. Twins can be both same and different gender. They can be not even similar to each other. Identical twins are identical, starting from the appearance and ending with the floors, and even food preferences. At the same time, sometimes they are mirror images of each other. In utero with fraternal twins and one can be distinguished by the fact that in the first case there is only one placenta, the second — two. Unlike fraternal twins, identical twins have the same fingerprints.

Identical twins

there is No hereditary tendency to the birth of identical twins. At the same time a clear genetic predisposition manifested against the twins. Also, there were some racial differences. Twins often are born at representatives of black race, less white, and even less in Asian countries. The frequency of twins also depends on the age of the mother. Women in the older age group more often give birth to twins.

the Greater number of twins can result from fertilization of one or more eggs. For example, triplets may develop from one, two or three fertilized eggs. In the study of some sorts, when he was born five children, it was found that three of them developed from one egg and two other eggs.

STATISTICA shows that the triplets appear in one in 7,500 pregnancies. Four twin — only one of the 700 000 cases and five around in one of the 80 000 000.

the Term "multiple birth" means the presence in the womb more than one fetus.

currently, a growing number of twins and triplets. Approximately 1 out of 70-80 births born more than one fetus.

the Factors that may lead to multiple genders:

infertility Treatment Using assisted reproductive technology multiple pregnancy Previous older age

Multiple pregnancy also increases the risk of problems in women. These include high blood pressure and protein in the urine. Gestational diabetes, heavy bleeding after birth (postpartum hemorrhage), the need for cesarean delivery, small neonates and premature birth .

During pregnancy, use ultrasound to confirm the number of fetuses.

Because there are certain problems associated with multiple births, doctors can decide in advance whether a woman gives birth naturally or by caesarean section. If the first baby of the twins is in a pathological situation, doctors will likely decide to perform a cesarean section. Sometimes the first twin is born naturally and the second twin by cesarean section is considered safer. For triplets and other multiple births are most often used caesarean section.

When the baby comes?

During a multiple pregnancy childbirth often occur prematurely. The volume of the uterus grows much faster than in the case of a single pregnancy. It reaches its maximum size much earlier, begins to shrink and prepare to leave.

In the case of twins it occurs about 36 — 37 weeks pregnant. For triplets 34 - 35th week. At the same time, the adaptive capacity of twins is much higher. They feel much better after the birth than premature infants of the same age for singleton pregnancies.

Cesarean Section

the Percentage of caesarean sections in many pregnancies is much higher than in singleton pregnancies. But this does not mean that a caesarean is used constantly. There are strict guidelines on caesarean section, and in many cases they are similar to the readings during the birth of one child:

Narrow pelvis, Lateral position of the first fruits of twins or both Hypoxia one or both of the children United (Siamese) twins and other anomalies

When the number of children is three or more, cesarean section is almost always. The goal is not only to spare the mother's body, just there is a very high risk of umbilical cord entanglement, premature detach placenta and other complications.

Emergency cesarean section is performed if onset of labor complications arise. For example, the first twin was born fine and the other has a placental abruption and hypoxia. This is a strict indication for emergency caesarean section.

complications of multiple birth

If delivery proceeds with difficulty, it may be due to the fact that the uterus muscles overstretched and can't very well decline. Moreover, in this case, the labors will be even more exhausting.

the Danger to women was apparent in the period after the birth of her second child and after the birth. The fact that the uterus cannot be reduced, because it is highly stretched during long time. As a result, after childbirth requires a lot of time. A woman can lose a lot of blood. In this situation, there is often a blood transfusion, and injections of medications that stimulate the uterus. The period after childbirth can also bring unpleasant surprises , such as bleeding and dysmenorrhea. The young mother should pay great attention to their health in the first days after birth.

Certainly, multiple births have a large number of features, including complications. But do not cheat on the problems and difficulties. Complications can accompany any pregnancy, but this does not mean that this pregnancy will be yours. First of all, pregnancy more than one baby is an incredible joy of the mother, because not every woman has the possibility of having two or more children.