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A review of the animated film "Ralph against the Internet" Reviews 20.11.2018 at 05:46

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Ralph and Vanellope through the Internet: they need to buy a new steering wheel for the game instead of broken.

the Second "Ralph", as is often the case, behind the first one. Familiarity with the characters has already happened - and now they almost immediately jump into a new adventure, why is grinding the characters (sometimes the most interesting), we get the vanilla dialogue, feigned quarrel and not the most convincing reconciliation. 've no spark, igniting action, and therefore, unfortunately, almost the entire film is a rather dull spectacle. Oddly enough, "Ralph against the Internet" boring, slow (this is with the race, inheriting this year, "the First player to get ready"!..), at times, frankly boring.

the Trailer of the animated film "Ralph against the Internet"

And questionable jokes here a little more than before: so, friends discuss men's hair removal and burp from the soda, Ralph accidentally kills a random user and is in a dress of Snow white, and Cinderella in danger breaks the glass slipper, turning it into a "rosette". Doubtful looks and sold on eBay a slice of pizza with sausage laid out a portrait of Beyonce.

But there is a disney Princess, thanks to Vanellope dressed in comfortable clothing, a cameo by Stan Lee (as you feared), a song about a cherished dream in the vein of classic musicals, a parody of the zombie Apocalypse, Q&A with Groot ("And what is the tree deciduous or coniferous?"), and in good time narrated is vital for all parents the secret of good child rearing.

the Teaser trailer of the animated film "Ralph against the Internet"

What isn't here (and it shows!), so it's pancakes for zainka (!!) - well is not got this delicious in the main story, well done! However, to the credit of the filmmakers, they are absolutely brilliant to read (!!!) beat this loss after the first batch of titles – Yes, as did (I think) no one in world cinema. By the way, who will spare a few minutes and wait for the end of all things "drum" - that the reward will show an exclusive scene from "Cold heart 2*", so do not rush to escape from the room, even when you see this.

in General, the final part makes the whole cartoon. As if erasing the traces prevailed a half hour of frustration, in the end there's a tear that almost all of this "Ralph" forgive. "Life is a complex thing, and we're all difficult," "friendship are the test of strength", "Best friends are not obliged to dream about the same thing," here it all is letting such a sentimental couple, they understand that and it seems to be nothing it turned out, the PEP talk lucidly and clearly.

the Video of the animated film "Ralph against the Internet" with the song "Imagine Dragons"

But after all: if the first "Ralph" was no discount great cartoon, "Ralph against the Internet" - made of high quality average: very bright, extremely colorful, but... Not like I would like.

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