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Major update search

Blog Yandex 19.11.2018 at 11:00

Blog Yandex

Today, Yandex introduced "Andromeda" — major update search. "Andromeda" brings together more than thousands of innovations that we have implemented over the last year. In this post we will talk about three key areas: quick answers, help in solving complex problems and preservation of finds.

the Quick replies

People often turn to search to verify a particular fact — to know [the height of the geostationary orbit] or out [where they speak Yoruba]. To such queries, Yandex has long been giving an answer right on the search results page.

During the past year the range of questions that you can get such a response has expanded greatly. Now Yandex is responsible facts to the queries in an average of 13 million times a day, and every sixth fact be shown for the first time.

Quick answers can now be used not only for short reference, but also for everyday tasks. The search will report that there's a movie that will help look for a hotel that will tell you where to dine. To make a choice help details: photos, prices, time data, customer reviews.

Follow sporting events can also be directly into searching. For example, in response to the request of the [Spanish League soccer] Yandex will show standings, news, record already of games and a calendar of upcoming games in La Liga. If you afraid to miss an important game, put a reminder, and for a few minutes before the start of the broadcast you will be notified.

there Are situations when a short response is not enough — you need an explanation. Of course, I want to explain clearly human. This year we launched Yandex.Experts is a community of experts in various fields who answer users ' questions. For example, a student MIFI explain [why electrons do not fall on the nucleus], and the staff of the portal "the Attic" will tell [how the stars appear]. Best answer gets into the search results.

the Solution of complex problems

There are queries for which it is impossible to give a definite answer. They involve the study of the topic: search gives sources, and the person studying them. The better the quality will be the source, the faster the user will solve the problem.

We have updated the ranking algorithm: now the quality of the site significantly affects its position in the results. The quality of the algorithm determines several parameters. First, he drew attention to how well the website decides the current task of the user. Second, it assesses the long-term usefulness of the resource — how much his share of loyal audience. Finally, take into account the balance of good and persuasive content and quality index on the results of the pairwise comparisons with other resources in the same request.

Some parameters of sites Yandex now shows directly on the page of search results as icons, tips. They help to Orient in the information flow. Icons assigns a special algorithm: it marks their websites that can be particularly useful in the context of this request.

the Icon of "Popular website" the algorithm gives resources with high traffic and a constant audience. This, for example, Wikipedia or YouTube. The icon "Select users" like "a Popular website" the meaning — but the difference is that it can get and niche projects. Compared to giants like Wikipedia attendance of such resources may be small, but they are well solve the problems of people and have a steady loyal audience.

the Third icon blue — marked official sites of organizations according to Yandex.Directory, official sites of banks according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and government websites, for example and the traffic police.of the Russian Federation.

the Collection

the Most successful discoveries I want to defer, so they're always handy. The new search allows in one click to save found — articles, photos, videos, movies, place — Yandex.Collection. Personal collection can be assembled on any topic — for example, "Ideas for renovating the apartment."

In the Yandex.Collections have the recommendation system. It uses technologies of Yandex: computer vision and artificial intelligence. The system is based on your collections suggests materials that are kept in the collection by other users. This simplifies the search for you become available discoveries that have made people with similar tastes.

Personal collection, it is possible to make the private — in this case it will only be available to you or the public: then it will be able to subscribe other users. The best public collections Yandex shows in the search results.


"Andromeda" is one of the biggest updates of the search. Like the constellation, which brings together a number of stars, the Andromeda combines multiple innovations that have appeared over the last year Yandex services. About the new features, which gives users search, read on the "Andromeda".

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