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Birthday World of Warcraft 23.11.2018 at 04:30

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23 Nov 1889 earned the world's first jukebox, it was installed at the Palais Royal Saloon in San Francisco. Soon the device became known as the "Nickel-in-slot" ("Nickel" — a colloquial name of a five-cent coin). The very first model was reproduced two-minute audio recorded on the surface of the cylinder, and listen to the sound needed through the tube like a stethoscope. Over time, the cylinder gave way to the gramophone disc, and users were able to quickly choose one of several melodies.

Ladies listen to the first jukebox

In the middle of the XX century the automatic phonograph is attached the nickname "the jukebox". Most likely, it is connected with the very word juke, meant "mess, mess", and "juke-JDC" eatery "only for black" in the southern United States, where he played "juke band". Moreover, producers of machines resisted the spread of this term, however, he not only went to the people, but by the American soldiers spread during the Second world war in many countries.

"Jukbox" significantly influenced the music industry. First, some machines allowed the wearer to see in the numbers, what order the songs more often than others and which are not popular. And, accordingly, the latter was replaced in the repertoire of the other. Second, the holders of "jukeboxes" in pursuit of revenue began to prefer shorter tunes. And the machines got the new album first, and brought considerable profits to the labels and artists, the latter were forced to adapt. So the average duration of a musical composition gradually decreased from seven or eight to three or four minutes.


Although in the 80s there was even the jukebox with CDs, "jukebox" were doomed to lose portable receivers and players. Now machines can be found in some diner, but they are likely to create atmosphere.

23 November 2004, Blizzard launched World of Warcraft — the most ambitious, the most popular multiplayer online role-playing game in history. This day began the sale of WoW in the United States. The action happens with a fantasy world populated by orcs, goblins, humans, elves, dwarves, and other fun, but often hostile creatures. In this universe the events of the first three Warcraft games represent strategy in real time and significantly popularitati this genre.

World of Warcraft in 2004,

to play WoW, you need to buy a subscription that costs about $ 15 per month. Separately gamers have to pay for add-ons that bring new locations, characters and other game content.

the Game was extremely addictive and therefore popular — so much so that WoW has become a cultural phenomenon. In 2006, he published a series of animated series "South Park" titled "make love, not Warcraft om", satirically vysmeivaetsya too serious for children and adults to virtual battles and achievements. Even then, the game began to cause concern among parents of young gamers and psychologists. In 2005, was the event of the death of the Chinese girls after several days of playing World of Warcraft. Another Chinese teenager in 13 years jumped off the roof of a tall building, leaving a note on behalf of his player character. But The Swedish Youth Care Foundation called WoW the most dangerous game, citing the hospitalization of youths after 20 hours of play.

it's just at the peak of popularity of WoW in 2009, Blizzard representatives told a bit of technical information about the maintenance of the fantasy world: the servers, the company worked on 75 thousand processors and had 1.3 petabytes of space on your hard drive, and watched it all the army of 4600 professionals.