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St. Petersburg's self-driving car has travelled 2,500 kilometers to Kazan 23.11.2018 at 09:25

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St. Petersburg company STARLINE reported experimental travel on the route "St. Petersburg – Kazan" of an intelligent unmanned vehicle StarLine.

He successfully overcame the route in 2 500 kilometers. 10 days to participate in his test drive, took the inhabitants of 13 Russian cities and the participants of two international events.

the smart Route of an unmanned vehicle was tailored the visit to two important events in the development of transport infrastructure of the international forum "Avtoevolyutsiya-2018" in Kaluga and international exhibition "Road" in Kazan.

In all the cities through which passed the way of the drone was organised test drives, during which everyone can get acquainted with the possibilities of unmanned technology.

When driving on the highway the car manages to increase the speed about 80 km/h. According to the developers, in the way the system behaved stably and reliably, and successfully coping with the poor quality of marking interim of her absence or the presence of a lane on only one side.

the drone implemented two modes of automated control. The first retaining strip. With the help of vision systems, cameras and radars. The second mode allows the drone to go in the absence of markings, in poor weather conditions, in city traffic when a large amount of interference and unforeseen factors. This mode is still being finalized. It uses a vision system, lidar and radar, as well as high-precision satellite navigation receiver, an inertial navigation system and odometriya.