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Launch day console competitor Sony PlayStation... on the cartridges 24.11.2018 at 05:00

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On 24 November 1995, Nintendo introduced the console, the Ultra 64. As the name implies, is a 64-bit gaming console. It worked for Nintendo in conjunction with Silicon Graphics. It was a response to the set-top box competitors: the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The clock frequency of the CPU was 93,75 MHz, graphics is 62.5 MHz. Ultra 64 was fitted with a RAM to 4.5 MB, and the maximum resolution was 640x480 pixels with 24-bit color depth. Due to the fact that the development was involved by Silicon Graphics in this console, there are many innovations associated with three-dimensional graphics, e.g., aliasing of textures and MIP-mapping.

Together with Nintendo released the first 3D platformer, Super Mario 64, which is in all its glory demonstrated innovation. However, the first time the games for Nintendo 64 had very little. Not so easy it was to program for it, but also scared off many obsolete cartridges, as competitors have already switched to CDs, which were easier and cheaper. The situation with games improved only by 1998 and at that time the N64 took second place in the market of consoles after PlayStation. Project Sega Saturn had already failed.

Nintendo Ultra 64

24 Nov 1639 astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks first observed the movement of Venus across the solar disk. He said the calculations of the orbit that made Kepler, concluding that the passage needs to occur in pairs every 8 years. This allowed him to make the first observation. For this purpose we used a simple telescope with which Horrocks projected solar disk on Board, which you can safely see everything you need. The observations allowed the astronomer to estimate the distance from the earth to the Sun at 95.6 million km, and Data on studies of Horrocks, unfortunately, was not published until 1661, after his death.

the transit of Venus across the disk of the Sun

November 24, 1969 ended space mission Apollo-12. During flight of the apparatus a second time in the history landed on the surface of the moon. The program included a landing in Ocean of Storms, in 1540 km to the West of the landing site of the Apollo 11 spacecraft and the collection of soil samples, photographs, search office of the Surveyor-3 and television sessions with the spacecraft and the surface of the satellite. Alas, due to a malfunction of the television camera sessions color television failed, so that the flight program was not fully implemented.

the Mission is important because it confirmed the importance of research of the moon with the participation of the astronauts, as without them it would be impossible to install the devices in the desired position and to ensure normal functioning. Only on the moon, astronauts Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon and Alan Bean spent a little more than 31 hours. After landing he waited for the similar phrase said by Neil Armstrong. But he just made a reference to the first flight and, alluding to his small stature, said, "Perhaps, for Neal it was small, but for me."

the Crew of Apollo 12 during landing