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Appetizer with garlic – tasty, spicy and very quick and easy to prepare. Such snacks can serve as a separate snack. The easiest recipe of lavash with cheese and garlic. In the classic recipe of lavash with cheese and garlic using soft cheese. In this case it is replaced with feta cheese, which also combines very well with soft pita bread. The more green will be the starter, the more useful it will be.


Cheese — 200 Grams

Pita bread — 1 Piece

Garlic — 1-3 Cloves

the Greenery — to taste

Cucumber — 1 Piece (optional)

preparation Method:

Wash and dry fresh herbs. Parsley and dill, chop with a knife.

Green onions also wash, dry and slice. To use in the recipe of lavash with cheese and garlic, you can also Basil, cilantro and other herbs to taste, which is in the fridge.

peel the garlic and cut into small cubes (you can skip through the press). Connect in a bowl the cheese, herbs and garlic. Mix thoroughly. In this snack you can use mayonnaise, but it is possible to manage and without it, you can add a little sour cream.

to deploy Lavash on a work surface and spread the filling. To make the pita bread with cheese and garlic at home more than fresh, add a little chopped cucumber.

Roll roll and wrap in foil. This allows you to take it the desired shape. Now you can submit it in the refrigerator for 2-3. It is possible to leave it for the night. Before serving, roll to gently unwrap and cut in portions pieces.

Appetizer of potato and garlic


1 head garlic

5-6 medium potatoes, cooked "in uniform",

1\2 tsp salt,

50 ml of vinegar or lemon juice (fresh squeezed),

100 ml of olive oil.

preparation Method:

Cloves of garlic peeled and cut inside slices have germs — throw it away. Garlic salt grind in a mortar.

it is better to cook the Potatoes before cooking them , so it was still warm. Clean, well mash into a puree and combine with garlic.

3. Continuing to whisk ( in a mortar or in a mixer), gradually add olive oil and vinegar. When the mixture becomes smooth and homogeneous, can be served in a salad bowl. If need salt.

Cheese appetizer with herbs and garlic


Cheese — 360 g

sour Cream — 4 tbsp

Parsley — 1 bunch

Dill — 1 bunch

small Garlic — 2 cloves

small Onion — 0,5 PCs.

Mustard — 1 tsp

Universal seasoning — 1 pinch

Salt — 2 pinches

preparation Method:

Onions and garlic are cut arbitrarily and sent to the shredder.

the Dill and parsley were washed, slightly dried, and chopped with a knife.

Put in a blender the cottage cheese, sour cream and mustard

you Need to weight well and uniformly been whipped in a blender, but not too liquid.

Add salt and universal seasoning

, Beat at maximum speed.

Now put to the curd chopped herbs and crushed in advance in a blender the onion and garlic.

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