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The most harmful food for children

SAPLUSKY 27.11.2018 at 08:30

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Modern manufacturers vying to advertise food products-most of which use children. To attract attention to the product uses different tricks: bright packaging design, the list of useful qualities about the inscription about the lack of harmless components in the product. Nutritionists recommend before buying any product examine the information written on the label as an improper diet of the child causes serious diseases in the future. To ensure proper development of the child at the expense of environmentally safe and balanced diet, it is necessary to know what products for children need to be excluded from the diet.

Dairy products – harm or benefit?

Unscrupulous manufacturers usually hide the presence of unnatural ingredients beautiful names that will not cause consumer suspicion. It is believed that the spread and margarine includes TRANS fats, dangerous for children under 3 years. However, few parents know that the composition of these products includes not only vegetable hydrogenated fats, and harmful dyes, preservatives and fragrances.

the diet of children from 1 year old used the butter called natural product of high quality cow's milk. In fact, store-bought butter is the imitation butter products, which include harmful food additives. Able modified fats at the cellular level to disrupt the metabolism. Cells lose their ability to remove toxins and absorb nutrients.

the Regular use of margarine, spreads, low-quality oils have a negative effect on the child's body:

affects the metabolism and affects the health of the child. Leads to obesity, diabetes. Causes of hormonal disorders, cancer, infertility.

Nutritionists also recommend to pay attention to the yogurt, which are sold in retail chains. When studying the label, you can establish the fact that this type of dairy products contain many harmful to the child's body additives – preservatives, dyes, etc. Therefore, nutritionists do not recommended to use yogurt.

Sausage and smoked meats in the diet of the child: whether according to the manufacturer?

Manufacturers of sausage products claim that their products are safe, but has limitations for specific age categories. Boiled frankfurters and sausages are not recommended for nutrition of babies up to 4 years (although in kindergartens they are present in the diet of children, regardless of age, pupils of preschool institutions). Smoked, smoked and cured meats are contraindicated for children under 7 years.

Studied the composition of the smoked meat and sausage products and the harm they cause to the fragile child's organism every parent that cares about the health of your child should come to a conclusion. The best option is to exclude these foods from the diet of the child. Part of any sausage will have in excess of harmful additives:

the sausages are salt, flavor enhancers, liquid smoke, artificial dyes and fragrances. To the sausage had a more attractive pink color it added as a preservative nitrates and nitrites of sodium. Contained in sausage products supplements E-252, E-250 is not digested the child's body because of the immaturity of the enzyme system, causing kidney disease and anemia

the Composition of sausages, which are offered to modern consumers in a wide range not only includes natural ingredients. The sausages transgenic soybeans more than meat. Also in meat products are benzopyrene, phenolic compounds — harmful carcinogens that can cause cancer.

in the manufacture of sausage manufacturers often use a modified soybean protein and harmful flavor enhancers, which successfully hide the shortcomings of the product. These ingredients can cause irritability and headache. Bad fats in the form of fat, skin, and visceral fat raise cholesterol, cause liver diseases, diseases of the pancreas.

Chupa-Chups: lollypops components and their impact on the child's body

Candy is loved by all kids of Goodies top the list of harmful foods. Sold in every kiosk and supermarket Popsicles contain sugar, artificial flavorings, colorings. Minutes of the last ingredient shows rich color of candy, usually yellow, blue, green or red shades.

as a result of the frequent use of Chupa-Chups and other bright candies on a stick in children are often observed:

Allergic rashes on the baby's skin, accompanied by itching. A manifestation of gastritis, peptic ulcer disease. Signs of diabetes, obesity. Caries of the teeth.

In the process of sucking any candy from a baby there is increased salivation, which increases the acidity and secretion of gastric juice. In the stomach is no food that causes problems HMO — causes irritation and inflammation of the gastric mucosa, contributes to gastritis or ulcers.

Considering the harmful sweets not to mention jelly sweets that mums buy for the children. Children in delight from the sweet "jelly" saturated colorful flowers that have fun shapes of cartoon characters, worms, small animals, etc. Jelly sweets include harmful chemicals, stabilizers, artificial colorings, thickeners, preservatives, etc. Their use leads to tooth decay, obesity, indigestion.

Carbonated drinks in children's diets

commercials every day offering to buy drinks with gas, which effectively quench your thirst and raise the tone. This is actually a myth invented by the enterprising manufacturers of coke, Fanta and similar products. Sweet drinks has nothing to do with drinks made from natural juices that are good for children.

the composition of soft drinks include many harmful additives, dyes, stabilizers, sugar, preservatives, flavor enhancers. A particular danger is an explosive mixture of benzoate and aspartame to sodium, which is dangerous cause irreparable harm to the child's body.

the Above additives can lower the sensitivity of the taste receptors to cause anger, depression and panic condition. There may be lethargy and allergic reactions. The consumption of beverages with gases in significant quantities can cause food poisoning or disorders of heart system.

Consider the effect of different components of carbonated drinks on children's health:

Sweet soda contains large amounts of sweeteners and sugar, which contribute to overweight and obesity in children. Phosphorous triggers the process of leaching of calcium and minerals from bone tissue of the child and increases the fragility of bones. The caffeine is invigorating and energizing component, which causes caffeine addiction. Included drinks sugar and acids effectively break down tooth enamel of the teeth, contribute to tooth decay. Fast food: features of preparation and the consequences of use

Fast food is Shawarma, meat pies, burgers, fries, etc., which when added monosodium glutamate seem to be extremely tasty to children, causing addiction. In the process of cooking the food to be fried in large quantities of sunflower oil, which is usually not changed for a few days. Therefore, food from fast food, dangerous to the health of a child of any age.

After consuming the above products there is a high likelihood of food poisoning and symptoms of indigestion. Passion harmful food from fast food causes metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus type 2, obesity. She also contributes to the appearance of diseases of the blood vessels, stomach, pancreas and kidneys.

the Chips — a favorite food of today's children

Crispy chips is a fast food that appeals to children of all ages. Ideally, they should be prepared from fresh potatoes that are fried in vegetable oil. The supermarkets sell a more expeditious and less expensive version of the chips from soy modified starch and flour. In a few minutes they soak up oil in quantities many times greater than the norm for children.

the Chips have no nutritional value, but they contain harmful carcinogens, unnatural food additives, fats, dyes, flavor enhancers. The use of this product may experience indigestion, gastritis, diseases of blood vessels, anemia, hypertension. Harmful additives contained in the chips is several times increases the percentage of risk of cancer.

the Most harmful food for kids — video

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