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RTS (dark past and a bright future)

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. 30.11.2018 at 18:21

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. / RSS channel

Hello, colleagues!

Before the new year is still far, however, I do not expect the market any significant dvizov. And the next year promises to be simple, so let's see ;).

the Annual schedule, it is a watershed line of the level 1216. While we are under it (assuming the closing of the year under him), will try to slip in a dark past (the breakdown 567 I don't think) let's go higher will be slow to develop forward. The breakdown of Hai global, a breakthrough into a bright future ;). I have one option, it is to the North with the meeting of the Northern lights :). Rollback before it can be deeper:

Quarterly Plan. MP-ka (model of attraction, schematic building here), the level of NR 1305 at the moment the price is adjusted. Conservative and long-term buy after a breakout 1305. Risky in the current global uncertainty, finding the bottom in case of a fall from 800:

Weekly Plan, the Level of NR 1201 model extensions to the district annual resistance\support 1216. Now the price of "catch" in the area 1040:

There is such protoforma Expert THAT, let's see how will work:

In the preparation of a topic we used data from the site

model Calculations were performed using the software complex Skilful Pro .