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The fight at the metro "Liberal". The dispute between Dolnym and Bulk

Radio Liberty 30.11.2018 at 15:09

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Dispute on Facebook about the attitude to dual citizenship Sergei BRILYOV went to the person and turned into some kind of trench warfare among the Moscow intelligentsia circle, where everyone had to choose which side of the parapet to be. It all started with post film critic Anton Valley, commented on the investigation into opposition leader Alexei Navalny on a leading TV channel "Russia" Sergey Brilev, who, as it turns out, is a British citizen and a property in London. Navalny called BRILYOV in the investigation of the propagandist, liar and a hypocrite. Valley wrote: ...I can't understand why a British citizen BRILYOV sensation. Why is it taskbar. What is hidden "outrageous hypocrisy"... let's Say Brilev claims that England ruled by hypocritical brutes, and he received British citizenship, and this taskbar and hypocrisy. But I believe that Russia is ruled by a hypocritical beasts, and I have Russian citizenship! It also zaskar and hypocrisy? Let's do about me exposing the transfer? Or the fact of dual citizenship is such a shame that his enough to expose? But wait, aren't you believes the official propaganda? PS This is not an attempt to prove that Brilev - the sinless angel. It may well be that he is lying in each gear. If so, then it is worthy of discussion and condemnation, and public analysis. But citizenship in it? Navalny reposted the Valley and commented: Oh, how nice that he wrote it. I'm pretty excited. Directly made the perfect image of all this cowardly riffraff, which in the first channel want quickly and experiencing that they are decent people no longer consider. Therefore, there is such a mix always: - Opposition by the most obvious and safe topic: protection of political prisoners, free Oleg Sentsov. "I condemn the excesses of power." The obligatory points of the program: - Ksenia Sobchak for President. She's our, she's the opposition that is needed. - Bulk radical and awful new Putin. All unconstructive scolding. - this constant hypocritical approach "you, of course, me flamed, but...", "I'm Probably stupid, but ..." ...You just do not think that I am defending his thief-head of VGTRK. We're not actually all thieves. I, for example. Let's stop condemning Sergei BRILYOV for so little. In fact unites us is more important than the differences. Beautiful type this of the Valley. Love. Need it Movchan cross, you get "the perfect lackey, but accept in a decent society." Valleys answered: Dear Alexey Navalny! You will allow me to call you so – I'm a fan of many of your investigations, rallies for your release went (and still go, if there is a reason, I'm not touchy)... You are not ashamed to get personal? Or am I too you the enemy of the people and advocate? Well initiate the investigation, then. You ascribe to me a wonderful "terrible Bulk of the radical and the new Putin." And I've never said or wrote... And Ksenia Sobchak for me, "the opposition that is needed". But nice that you remembered that I voted for it – the proviso, however, more than once, that would have voted for you if you made the election. But why should your subscribers extra information about the "cowardly riffraff"? On the First channel I recommend the movies, in a humorous program. Please tell me what exactly I was here, "hustler"? And what is my hypocrisy? Is what a direct accusation. Not once repeated. Hypocrisy – the discrepancy between words and deeds. Tell me what you see in me? I wrote more. In my opinion, only propagandists are ashamed a second citizenship. A normal person (I like to think that's who you are) said a second citizenship is an inalienable right of every. Even if this bastard three times each. That's my simple idea. You act, adopting the logic of the enemy. In my opinion, it's about strategy. You may think differently. But how come that the discrepancy in this question suddenly made me "cowardly riffraff"? And no, I do not call not to judge BRILYOV. I urge you to condemn the crime, not for a second citizenship. For the first time you heard that shaving my head VGTRK. Interesting! It works on the channel "Russia", I'm on contract (not state) radio station "Mayak". What is the logic he is my boss? It would be nice for you to apologize for lying. But know that you are back on my word don't take and never apologize. Just like your favorite enemy gold. Okay, I do go to the person – not my strong point. And again Bulk: ...I think your behavior is disgusting, hypocritical and servile. I showed you all said: look, how disgusting. To do so is a shame. You now and here, alas, once again putting on an act pretending to not understand what the charges BRILYOV. That's all, "you're a normal person, so I must admit that dual citizenship is a right." Brilev not normal. And his work is not normal. And transfer it is not normal. And "the lighthouse" your not normal. And "the First channel" exactly where you bright not normal. And "Vesti FM" is not normal, even if you're just cooking shows are. And this is exactly your fault, meanness and servility, you do crazy things - wild and unacceptable - trying to normalize and rationalize. As for the last part, you do this. Even for the comfortable role of the God's dandelion too... I guess this must be a shocking revelation (and universal claims to Brilev), but if you go to the website of your "Lighthouse", then just the first word at the top left, straight over the Reds "lighthouse" written by: RTR. GRK "Mayak" is a branch of Russian state TV. Radio station "Vesti FM" is a Russian news radio station. Part of the holding VGTRK. The Deputy Director of VGTRK is Sergey Brilev, whose British citizenship you don't care at all. Sergey Brilev is undoubtedly one of your leaders. Not a direct boss, but to him you are in some subordinate relationship... Valleys: Sergei Brilev, Deputy head of the TV channel "Russia" and not in the holding VGTRK. The channel does not nachalstvom over the radio, it's nonsense. And by the way, once you cut through, just wanted to ask - do you remember when I came to the channel "Cactus" at election time? As the video was recorded for equal admission of candidates is perfectly clear that it was about you? It is also a manifestation of hypocrisy and cowardice, what do you think? Answer to be honest, it will be interesting to know. By the way, a lot of you employees of VGTRK and the First went? Well, just for reference. In the same review is the answer to the Bulk of economist Andrei Movchan: Alex, offering his "lackey" to apologize immediately, I guess you did not think when he wrote it. But maybe you people are all toadies - some of your and others like yours. I'm really sad to see how your moral degradation. One who is willing to sacrifice honesty in the struggle for power, risks to remain without power and without integrity. The discussion was joined by many people. Give a few opinions: Anna Narinsky: I am absolutely amazed at the post Alexei Navalny about Anton Valley and husky friends under it. I'm with the opinion of Anton about second citizenship BRILYOV not agree and even made it in the thread with objections, but to understand with a fright, the Bulk believes it has a right to that arrogance and rudeness is not. In principle, a replica of the Anton can be rotated and so that question will remain a disgusting propagandist and without dual citizenship. To consider him guilty in the intoxication of the population do not consider him a passport. Why Navalny argues that this tone, no different from Solovyov? How dare he interpret others ' actions in the most vile way "is a Valley sucking up to his superiors on VGRTK"? And how quickly we come to talking about what is not to love Putin in the good shoes are not allowed – because good shoes we have honestly earned and so is hypocrisy (here, it is possible to remember photos by the Bulk, resting in a paddy wagon with krossovki premiata – but this is of course quite another matter). As such it is possible to fall, do not understand a Separate thread in the comments under the post Narinskiy was dedicated sneakers: Alexey Belyakov And sneakers Premiata is something fancy and expensive? Anna Narinskaya More expensive than fashionable Stafyeva dear Elena, you bitch, I suppose) Anna Narinskaya need to have the right friends with 50% discount in laforme Elena Bakanova this is a message about 50% interested me most, I apologize for the bourgeois)) Alexander Timofeevsky Oh, lovely, not a branch. I would place the Bulk pick her up to himself in the discussion as a collective portrait of the collaborators and supporters of the Valley. (Though in this debate and also to treat them, and support, by the way, the text of the Valley about BRILYOV). Alexey Belyakov Yes, a merry crash discourse. The triumph of philistinism cozy on a cold night.

Elena Bakanova is bourgeois, Alex, is uncomfortable and it is currently within discourse, the topic of Brilevich. I'm not going to pretend that feed on the Holy spirit and that I did not notice that we were poor in two or three times in a very short period of Kseniya Larina (erepoxen Bulk): Because of the duel Alexei Navalny with Anton Dolin again broke our already stunted the squad, I have to say that I think about it. Because I was supposed to sit in the bushes. But you see, my friend-tape tearing passions. I to Anton apply more than with respect, we are old friends , and longtime supporters (though not without "aesthetic" differences) - in the main , in principle, we have always been like-minded. Relatively recently I had a similar dispute with Anton , after his dialogue with Yuri Saprykin in an Open Library. I wrote a fairly harsh words about the extent of compromise, and those risks are inevitably confronted by a man trying to combine the service state with the service of humanity. It began, of course, the cabin in the thread, and in the end I have this hatchet buried in his garden. So, this is not the first story on the same topic in our trenches, alas. I didn't like Anton's post about the situation around citizenship BRILYOV. I think it is unfair In this whole situation, and her grades are slightly distorted, and we agree with those who called this position Anton, to put it mildly demagogic. But I chose to remain silent. Because I do not want another war with the closest person to me... But now, when the position of the Anton became the reason of mass fight at metro station "Liberal" and the people all pulled and pulled, and the end of the fight are seen, to Dodge will not work... I'm on the side of Alexei Navalny. Which broke, of course. But no slander to the address of Anton in his emotional and dramatic post there. And it's not a personal attack. Just a post of Anton in some degree made up this collective portrait is a rather large community of people who combine service and Ministry. It's their choice. The choice of Lisa Glinka, Nuty, Chulpan, and many other decent people. Does the company have the right to condemn? Yes. For discussion, certainly. To call this a persecution? No. Bullying is something that suits the power of Alex , his family and his friends. His comrades. It young and free like-minded people across the country. Choices that all of us puts this government, this system is monstrous, inhuman. And if the man who his life spent on it to this system to crush, and goes to her ahead, not thinking about their own gain or their own personal safety, nor about his own ambitions ,then this person has a right to disappointment in us.