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Leak: soon Destiny 2 will return the key character (SPOILERS)

News — Gambling 01.12.2018 at 23:32

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Dataminer found in the file latest updates Destiny 2 new hints for the future of the project. Obviously, if you don't want to potentially spoil your experience, you should wait for future additions and to learn about it directly from the game, but if you can't wait... SPOILERS Users managed to access cinematic video add-on "Black Arsenal", however, it is unknown whether it will show in the first DLC the second year. In a short video the Ghost of Stew (Pulled Pork) animates slain at the end of the storyline "Rejected" Prince Oldrina Owl, effectively making him a guardian. Perhaps with time it will replace Cade in the place of the mentor hunters in the tower of the Last city on Earth, but given its direct relation to the murder of the hero — it is definitely not easy. Some suggest that the Prince will lose the memories of his rampage during the events of "Rejected". The roller with the return Oltrena to life is Interesting and the Ghost that had returned Oldrina to life. The stew is called very cute and purposeful Ghost, looking for his guardian as long as the kid can remember. Stew — that's not his real name, but it feels right, and call Mara Owls by her full name. Description Ghost "Black Arsenal" will open on December 4, but the developers will be adding content gradually. The storyline revolves around DLC activation once lost forges, which have to find players.