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What happens if you just blow up all the nuclear weapons

NEWS PLANET 02.12.2018 at 08:45

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The Group of experts has made a count of all nuclear weapons on Earth and came to the conclusion that their simultaneous use can lead to the present Apocalypse. Experts told, what to expect from the detonation of all bombs.

there are nine States that possess nuclear weapons. All the documents listed 16 350 bombs, although in fact more of them (the military is with great pleasure that hide some information).

If a country decides to use nuclear weapons, then in an instant from the face of the planet will disappear is not something that the city and the whole country. Again the story of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On the planet there's a nuclear winter. It is enough to actuate a hundred warheads of 15 kilotons each. This amount of bombs will destroy 50% of the ozone layer. Throughout the average temperature will drop several degrees Celsius.

the People who will be able to survive in shelters, will start to degrade. The development of mankind stops. Under the ground people need to live more than a century, until nature begin to recover. We find ourselves once again in the middle Ages.

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