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Overview Vorke V5: cheap miniature Barebones computer for Intel 3865U

Shopper reviews shopping online stores in the world and ordinary stores 30.11.2018 at 19:58

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Continuing the theme of mini computers, today we will talk about Vorke V5, which with equal success can be used for both home and for work. Last time I talked about the computer Alfawise T1 and understood by the reaction that many such devices very interesting. However, in the reviews, most users were dissatisfied with the small amount of memory (4Gb), and most importantly — the inability to increase it. Today's computer does not have these disadvantages, if you want, you can install 32 Gb of RAM. And other features look interesting, such as more powerful graphics. This affordable, economical to use and almost noiseless (can be used in an active — passive system cooling). The article will often be compared with the previous mini-computer to the N4100, it will help to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the model.

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