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Strange fish caught in China

News of cryptozoology 02.12.2018 at 07:53

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In Fujian province in Eastern China recently, there was a strong tide. Due to the significant drawdown of the water level part of the ocean near the coast has become so small that local residents can safely walk through it, looking for various shells and crabs and other marine life, mostly out of curiosity.

the following video was made by one of those curious people. The man suddenly found in the water a strange fish with a big mouth and a kind of hard "shell" on the back. Eyes strange fish are in front of her head, not on the sides, from which we can conclude that we have before us the predator.

the Surprised Chinese showed the footage to several fishermen and marine biologists, but they failed to identify what kind of fish. The movie managed to fly the many sites of the world wide web, but as yet no one user on the Network has failed to shed light on the nature of this sea creature. Perhaps we are talking about a completely new species, not known to official science.