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Group "Chaif" was in an incident on Board the plane

Entertainment 03.12.2018 at 01:10

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In a bad situation and got the passengers of the airliner Embraer 170 flying flight Novosibirsk — Ekaterinburg on Sunday morning. Among the passengers were musicians famous rock-group "Chaif", according to

First, people froze in the bus before to take them to the plane, and then aboard, put under the streams of hot air.

"flight attendants calmed the passengers, saying that the air conditioning in the cabin working, when the plane will rise into the sky, but the flight was postponed. The flight attendant tried to apologize for what is happening to Vladimir Saharnym and Vladimir Begunov (the founders of the group "Chaif" — approx.) sitting in the first row," — said the journalists, who witnessed the incident.

When the plane turned into a steam room, Shahrin got up from his seat and from the faces of the passengers went to demand an explanation from the pilots. After 30 minutes of the flight delays and marinating people in the hot cabin of the aircraft commander made contact and promised that the temperature is normalized.

However, after the departure that did not happen. In the sky a few passengers because of the heat was bad — they were brought to life with smelling salts, water and wet towels.

"Why don't you do something? — arguing with the flight attendants Shahrin. — Here, can not be!"

"is a Mess. Just a mess," shrugged helplessly, the leader of "Chaif".

In an interview with REN-TV Vladimir Shahrin has told details of the incident. "In Novosibirsk, where the temperature was below -25 degrees, first we were kept on the bus that will take to the aircraft with the doors open. That is one passenger waiting, of course, want to drive a second bus, so all passengers feel cold breathe the exhaust from the bus. Well, in General, no special care no to this, but then tried to say that get or close the door. Because somehow cold. And then, when we boarded the plane, from the ventilation system of the aircraft knocked completely unacceptable temperature the air. I just applied a hand up, it seems to me that burned in my hand — probably about 45-50 degrees where it was. The plane immediately began to heat up, such a bath, people started complaining that we should turn it off," — said the musician.

"We were sitting in the first row, respectively, we are closer to the cockpit, and the stewardesses, so we view the people tried to convey to those poor flight attendants. Because it is clear that they came as chicken in the soup. But they said that everything is fine, we now go further on the runway and all will be well. Because while we stand on the landing, so that's the effect. We tried to convince them that we are 30 years of flying with different aircraft, and never was, and this is not the first winter in our lives, there is something wrong going on. Until the plane started to taxi to the runway — and he was still almost half an hour I was waiting for takeoff — all the while pouring the hot air. The worst thing that has started to smell of burnt wiring, when the temperature starts to smell the wire insulation. We say: girls, well, you smell. Let the pilot come out and he will smell that some people say that he locked himself in the cockpit? In General, the people were indignant, because this is a dangerous story," says Shahrin.

"People started saying, "We are going to go", "Stop the plane", "I don't want to fly that plane you have is not right." Then the pilot decided something unintelligible to explain that now all will be well. We say, Yes, bad. In General, when the plane took off half an hour late, at some point these holes threw the icy air, all of this was extremely happy. After about 20 minutes of flight everything seems to be stabilized. But our joy was short, because after half an hour, then again pushed the hot air. And the whole flight was like this: either cut down from there the hot air and all there was nothing to breathe, or the icy air. That is, there is clearly in this plane, problems with the air conditioning and climate control. He's either high plus or high minus — in this mode worked. The two women became ill. They went where the flight attendants, near the kitchen, was a little cooler, was sitting there, sniffing smelling salts. It was evident that the passengers in terrible condition.

I Have to be honest, in my life such bad flights didn't happen. It is, of course, the worst was. But, thank God, at least it flew, and girls flight attendants said that they will write a report that will not fly on this plane anywhere on. Although one of the stewardesses said that she was flying on this Board, and that this problem was already. In any case, it's scary, because you realize that this is some system error, you are in the air, there is shorted, what was closed, which sensor is not working and what the implications are — is unclear. Honestly, I have a big complaint about the commander, who was like a man, to go out normally to the passengers and to explain in understandable human language what is going on. What's that sensor, assume not working, but this does not affect the performance of the aircraft, we all now torment, of course, but we are all alive and healthy will take. In General, it was necessary to say something at least," — said the leader of the group "Chaif".