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Samsung smartphone with support for 5G shown in step

Always connected 04.12.2018 at 15:53 ( is a specialized Russian analytical server, covering hardware, personal computers, communications and servers, 3D graphics and audio, digital photo and video, Hi-Fi equipment and projectors, mobile communications and peripherals, gaming and much more.

The Largest South Korean operators have started commercial deployment of 5G networks. The company SK Telecom recently demonstrated the world's first commercial video call on 5G using a prototype of the smartphone Samsung, which looks very similar to the Galaxy S9+ Plus.

the General Director of SK Telecom made a video call talking with the hiring Manager at a distance of about 23 km, that is, the transmission path connected to several access points. Some shortcomings that have surfaced during the session, probably linked to insufficient coverage, and will be resolved as networks expand. But now the quality of video communication using the 5G is superior to LTE.

Commercial 5G network launched in 13 Korean cities, but they are only available to corporate customers. Ordinary users will not be able to experience the benefits of 5G, while in March of the following year, the market does not appear compatible smartphones.

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