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Energy depletion

The MDX Awakening the spirit 04.12.2018 at 02:24

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Chronically nedosypayuschie people are always angry, nothing pleases, the slightest disruption of established regimes have caused a wave of negative emotions. He was not pleased everything. It is clear that in this state of mind his body must inevitably participate in this process and using diseases to give more ground for reflection on the theme that our whole life is a mess. And the reason for all this is sometimes quite simple – chronic lack of sleep.Another reason for the depletion of the energy body can become excessive return on your vitality to others. This can happen quite voluntarily – when you sympathize or empathize with the person experiencing the suffering.

You think that Life was unfair to him and try to help him in this way. If it happens all the time (sick person is near you or you meet him at work), the result of your own energy body is gradually depleted and you can get sick. Doctors or healers, strongly sympathetic to their patients, themselves often get different diseases.Another variation – uncontrolled and unconscious return of your vitality to another person. In society, these non-equilibrium energy exchange is called "energy vampirism". Energy vampire are usually very sick or very tired people. If a person near you, your energy shell touch is their alignment – you are part of the energy flow to that person, or Vice versa.

Who is healthier, he'll get weaker ones to get. This is a normal process taking place in the lives of most people. Alignment energopotential always happens when people are in close contact with each other on the bus, the subway and other crowded places. A strong and healthy give up part of its vital forces are weaker. But healthy and energetic today people (Energodar) may not sleep for a couple nights and start to pull energy from the surrounding, that is the time to become energofinprom. Such processes of energy exchanges are described in detail, so we won't dwell on them. We are only stating that long-term presence near the sick or deep in grief a person, especially when you sympathize with him, can Deplete your energy and disease. But they might not, if you are healthy enough and your energy is enough for two.

Another type of vampirism is getting from you portion vitality through conflict. Someone (energetically weakened person, energotamir) provokes you to the scandal breaks out and you tell your opponent what you think of him (or where he needs to go). Because in such situations the words are very expressive, they invested quite a chunk of energy. From you this bundle of energy breaks off and reaches the "pull" you as a person who learns the part of these energies and at the time calms down. If you're drained quite often, your energy will diminish and you will experience disease.Another option is the energy exchange when someone says bad about you or thinks, especially if he's experiencing intense emotions (of course, not happy). From such a person is literally off the energy clots, which may adhere and cause a distortion within your energy flows. In people, this interaction is called the "evil eye". Such an energy exchange can sometimes lead to diseases for inclusion in your energy body of distortions or exhaustion.

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