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"Schoolmates" have started to support square video

IGeek — news of high technologies 05.12.2018 at 04:13

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The Developers of social network "Schoolmates" has implemented support for square videos. From now on, users can put videos on a virtual resource and not have to worry about distortion.

Programmers say square video are the restricted material on the Network. From now on, users will see the videos as they were created by the author, without distortion. Innovations allow not to experience problems when working with devices that have small and large screens sizes or when viewed from different angles. Downloaded square videos with the help of mobile applications "Classmates" on iOS and Android.

the Videos in this format will be able to observe the owners of mobile devices and desktop computers. The virtual resource is updated periodically with new opportunities for the convenience of users. Previously on "Schoolmates" has implemented a smileys mood. Now every user is able to explain to the comrades, in what mood it is in.

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