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Parts of a lifetime. blue rusachok.

Autokadabra - Incoming 05.12.2018 at 13:03

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the Customer almost always asks, and how much time the repair will take, bro ?

And the more complex the repair, the more precise an answer you want to hear.

We always reply - since the availability of spare parts as it is.

In any repair of this moment - the parts most interesting.

"I'm expensive, let's look elsewhere", then "let's wait for another disassembly promised", "I will deliver", the "presence was confirmed in the UAE", "ordered from Vlad"... etc. funny stories.

And the more complex the repair, the more acute question of availability of at least minimum spare parts to be able to start the actual body repair.

it would Seem that the car - Toyota, customer - mega-adequate person which can be a problem in this case with spare parts from Toyota ?

No ?

, read here !