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To visit two new leisure centres in Croatia organized new flights

Travel portal 05.12.2018 at 23:22

Travel News

The Launch of two internal flights in Croatia will make easier access to two leisure centres for travellers this summer, according to Prestige Holidays (Prestige Holidays).

the Flights, which will provide the domestic carrier trade air (Air Trade) on behalf of Croatia Airlines, join the world famous walled city of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia with Reakom (Rijeka) in Northern Adriatic and Rijeka with split in the region of Dalmatia Ministry of foreign Affairs (Mid Dalmatia).

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David Skillicorn – General Director of Prestige Holidays, comments: "the New service will allow travelers much easier to enjoy two different Croatian places. Internal flights, where the ticket price is approximately ?50 per person are very cost-effective. We are confident that the new services will take advantage of many travellers this year".

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Flights from Dubrovnik to Rijeka takes just over an hour and makes it easy for vacationers. The tourist town included in the UNESCO list, can visit the breathtaking monuments and palaces to visit in Opatija (40 minutes from Rijeka airport), where tourism started to develop 170 years ago. In Opatija (Opatija) is the 12-km long seaside promenade there is a fine Belle Epoque building, beautiful parks and restaurants with fine cuisine.


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