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Guy "the wrong color", was jailed for using a drunken neighbor

Seven Long Years 04.12.2018 at 09:48

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Now a police officer faces trial for racist behaviour. However, if they will receive punishment, that is exactly the case. The police in Maryland (USA) received a call to a drunken man who was lying unconscious on the street. She arrived, found there a black guy and arrested him. And, as it turned out, they grabbed the wrong man and got charged with racism. Samir Ahmed, the Ethiopians [...] related posts: Unhappy girl from the meme about the wrong guy became another meme to Curse himself Tinder and become a star of social networks: genius move by one guy "Breaker" will avenge every noisy neighbor the People of orange: 10 strange facts about the Dutch Demonstration of the consequences of candor on social networks