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Nissan X-Trail, 2008 Reviews 06.12.2018 at 07:05

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Hello! Here also decided to share my impressions about my purchased 4re years ago, X-trail T31 (2.0 Japan 2008 ) . Before him was the previous version with the engine of 2.5 liters, as well as Rav 4 — 2005 pyatigory (from SUV). Both cars left good impressions from owning. Frankly each has its own pros and cons, but Oh well. At first I hesitated about the CVT; still it is a novelty, and new is not always good. But after talking with the owner of the same car, only with the 2.5 engine I was surprised that with the milage 235000 km it continues to function perfectly, with the native variable, as is well known, more powerful engine, more damaging the box. The person owning this machine very likes active leisure activities, I don't mean the test car for cross-country, for glass in the mud. Then she spoke, with master servicing Reno; he shared that the Koleos, a similar Jatco CVT and time in Reno complaints to them was not. So after gathering enough information and analyzing the pros and cons, the question of purchase was solved: all the same new model, and visually, I fell in love. Short bought, and not the point. Most importantly for the time of owning this car, I want to acknowledge the positive qualities such as fuel consumption, combined cycle, city / highway: 9.0 in summer — 10 liters per 100 km Winter, mainly the city from 11 to 13 liters, depending on frost. Just happy little tax. Two-liter engine with 141 horse, coupled with the CVT gives good results. I'm not a racer, I'm quite happy with. Salon deserves in my opinion special praise. I have it easy, cloth. Before that, there were germanchinese salons, other machinery, special advantages, I discovered. In my opinion it is purely individual, someone like that. If you like travelling, then you don't need a tent, because seats, are arranged in a flat floor and you can easily sleep in the sofa...

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