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Dive training: how to choose a mask? :.: Article 05.12.2018 at 21:00 :.: Article

In diving, you can not talk to said the beauty of diving my instructor. At first I didn't understand, but when he received the certificate of professional diver, shared his opinion. Serene quietness, the beauty and mystery of the red sea is beyond words and to see her, needed the skills and equipment for diving. Go to the first part of the article the Whole set of the diver, with the exception of the largest part of the scuba — heavy oxygen tanks, placed the man in one hand is "watching, breathing, and waving". The first mask, the second controller by forced air (invention Cousteau and Galliano), and the third, respectively, fins. Let's start with masks. How to choose a mask? Girls make a choice in the color of eyes, hair, manicure, pedicure. They value harmony and to look perfect. Harmony, of course, important, but there is an easier way. Available in the dive centre's equipment chosen your favorite model, put it to his cute face and took a deep breath in through your nose. If the mask remains on the face so it suits you. Similar manipulations hold with a new product purchased in the store. Applied, inhaled, released. The next stage is fine tuning to personal preferences. Using side straps, left and right, flick of the wrist pull first the right, then the left ankle strap. Tip! Do not tighten the straps too much. Many novice divers pull the strap as hard as you can. Eyes rest on the glass, the fish sees them and runs up. The mask in the process of swimming tend to sweat. This is a normal phenomenon occurs, as a rule, invisible layer of silicone grease from the manufacturer, which protects the product and creates the conditions for the formation of condensate. Another reason that causes the fogging, is our breath. Photo: Depositphotos Below the mask didn't fog up, you need to do a number of simple manipulations to make the firing of the glass inner surface lighter;you can use a special pencil from fogging;put the item into the small tray with Coca-Cola. These simple manipulation will save you from problems with limited visibility under water. But be careful. The first method is not applicable to all products, so before firing lighter you should consult with your store Manager or your instructor at the diving center. Special chemical remedy pencil "Anti-fog". It can be purchased at any "Dive" store for $ 3-4 and RUB them on the inside glass. Another option is to fill the mask with Coca-Cola for a couple of hours before the dive, then treated with soap solution and rinse with fresh or salt water. To completely eliminate the misting will help the saliva is alkaline, which creates an invisible film on the inner surface. Inside spit, RUB and rinse. If for some reason you have no saliva and dry mouth, ask your boyfriend or girlfriend, they'll rush you a full Cup. Don't forget to wash the product. Do not swim in the spit-covered mask. So you've done all the activities with your product, but in the immersion of the glass is still fogged up. Swimming, but nothing is visible. What to do? The first method is suitable for our charming ladies. Patted eyelashes and wiped the glass from the inside. Photo: Depositphotos Second radical and effective method. Pressed the bottom edge of the fingers with one hand, then the other. To mask the space will fill with quite a bit of water. Don't be afraid and don't worry, next step the water is cleared out. After the water has filled, chatted with head from side to side, and washed away the fogging. Having cleaned product this simple way, you need to remove the remaining water. How to do it? Very simple. Pressed to the palm upper edge of the mask to the forehead and sharply exhaled through the nose. All water from the mask space left. Sixth grade, third quarter, physics. It is important to do this, just threw back his head. Read more about it you will tell the instructor in teaching scuba diving as part of a separate exercise. Good dives and good visibility! To be continued......

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