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What is the rear view camera? The difference from the CCD CMOS sensor.

Alarm Obninsk 08.12.2018 at 09:58

What is in car rear view camera

the rear view Camera is an optical instrument in which the monitor located in the cabin of the car sent the image of what is happening behind the machine. Nowadays it is a common option, without which many motorists do not imagine your daily use car.

the presence of the camera simplifies the Parking process at any time and under any road conditions. Depending on the brand of car, the prices of cameras and their installation are very different. Many vehicles have this device in their factory equipment. Parking camera has replaced the so-called PDC, but often used with them. Camera help not to damage someone else's car and keep the integrity, so they put not only beginners but also experienced drivers.

the Types and working principle the rear view camera

Modern rear view camera generally consists of:

the optical block;

sensor with light sensor;

a LCD monitor.

Due to its small size, the camera is usually installed above the license plate. The image output direct to a monitor installed in the Central panel of a car, or mount the monitor to the rear view mirror. Sometimes these goals set an additional screen in the car - it depends on the personal preferences of the motorist.

What is the difference between CCD sensors and CMOS

a Very important detail of the rear view camera is a light sensor. At the moment the market presents the equipment of two types:

the CCD has greater sensitivity, so that the image looks as realistic as possible. This is especially important in the dark. The sensor has a higher resolution (compared to CMOS). The only drawback of this type of camera is its high price, compared, again, with CMOS cameras.

CMOS – a more budget option, available for most car owners. The same is due and some disadvantages. For example, this type of camera is more susceptible to noise at night than the CCD camera. Of the advantages are low power consumption.

If you select the camera you also need to consider: the possibility of transferring a mirror image; an angle greater than 120 degrees; the presence of marking on the camera; an infrared light.

Based on the specific car owner and limited personal budget, you can always find a suitable rear view camera, which will ensure the safety of reversing under any circumstances. By purchasing this device, you get a faithful helper for many years.