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Blog Yandex 14.12.2018 at 15:10

Blog Yandex

The sale comes two new devices with Alice — intelligent assistants for the home. They are issued by companies IRBIS and DEXP. Electronics manufacturers have created assistants on the basis of the developed in Yandex hardware and software platform Yandex.IO. It allows you to implement artificial intelligence and voice control to any device, from iron to car.

the Device HP A and DEXP Smartbox look like mini speakers. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight — less than two hundred grams — they can be placed almost anywhere: on the coffee table, on the nightstand, on the kitchen shelf. Inside each device is a computer that lives Alice. She answers questions from the user and executes orders.

here A

in the kitchen At Alice's you can specify how long to cook a hard-boiled egg, or say: "Remind me to turn on the oven in 45 minutes." In children's — ask them to put the child a story or a song, or play the game with them. In the bedroom Alice will lead at your request, an alarm clock, turn on the sound of the surf, to make it easier to fall asleep, or read the morning news while you get ready for work.

here A

the Device is powered from the wall outlet and go to the Internet via Wi-Fi. They can also be connected to the external acoustics: DEXP Smartbox — Bluetooth, and HP A — wire. To communicate with Alice, it is enough to say, "Hey, Alice." If the house already have the other Alice, the activation command can be changed to "Hey, Yandex". Both devices provide a separate button to mute the microphone — if it is pressed, Alice hears nothing.

DEXP Smartbox

the Price of each unit is 3290 rubles. HP A can buy at "M. Video", and starting next week — and in retail stores. Then in sale and DEXP Smartbox: it will sell in the shops of the DNS. Each buyer will receive a free six-month subscription Yandex.Plus it allows unlimited listening Yandex.Music, to obtain discounts on Taxi, and Drive and to use the additional features of other Yandex services.

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