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"He needs to take revenge." Freedom in Karelia came devletian Alikhanov

Radio Liberty 15.12.2018 at 13:53

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From colony No. 7 in the Karelian town of Segezha December 13 was released Karelian politician and businessman devletian Alikhanov. In November 2017, the Petrozavodsk court found him guilty of economic crimes and sentenced to six years imprisonment. 5 Dec 2018 the Presidium of the Russian Supreme court overturned the verdict. By this time the former Senator Alikhanov, held in SIZO and colonies almost four years. But now one of the most influential Karelian once the oligarchs and politicians rehabilitated. "What can you feel? Normal, good! I'm glad to be going home," said devletian Alikhanov is a correspondent of Radio Liberty in an hour after release. In Segezha, where the Karelian businessman and politician, spent nearly a year, he met fellow lawyer and nephew. Devletian Alikhanov was born in Dagestan in 1958. In 1982 graduated from the Moscow cooperative Institute of Centrosoyuz, immediately after that, went to Karelia to open his own business. The first capital he earned on the trading of vegetables. At the end of 1990-x years owned a significant stake in a shipyard defense industry "vanguard". In 2000-e years the business interests Alikhanov turned into political. He easily changed his party affiliation: he was a member of the liberal democratic party, then, represented the faction "Yabloko-NPSR" in the Legislative Assembly of Karelia, were then entered into fraction "Fair Russia", funded several election campaigns and was in fact the “grey Eminence” of the capital of Karelia. His protege Eugene Zhuravlev was given the post of Deputy mayor, a group supported by Alihanova deputies took control of the Petrozavodsk city Council. Supporters Alikhanov has held positions in urban Mopah, and he was the head of “Coordinating Council” of the city, which is actually determined by the political and economic agenda. It is believed that the control over city hall helped Alikhanov to long-term lease of some real estate and reap the profits “from scratch”, for the rental of premises in the sublease. In “Empire” Alikhanov was part of construction companies and shopping centers. Under his control were somewhat popular in the media. – Alikhanov helped political consulting company where he invested. Forms of activity of these companies is definitely not crystal, – said political analyst Anatoly Tsygankov. – So, to say that he's some kind of honest politician, is ridiculous. He used the same tools that were used by all others for his victory. In 2009, Alikhanov was registered as a candidate for mayor of Petrozavodsk. He could have projected to win the election at Nicholas Levin, who was supported by the then head of the Republic Sergey Katanandov. Alikhanov was offered an exchange: the rejection of mayoral ambitions for state Senator from Karelia. He joined the "United Russia" and withdrew his candidacy from the elections of the mayor of Petrozavodsk. In March 2010, the chief Executive officer was given the post of member of the Federation Council, and then Deputy head of the Republic and as Deputy of the Karelian Parliament. In may 2012 the head of Karelia was Alexander Khudilainen. Soon, the chief Executive officer left the parliamentary post after most of his team were behind bars in “the land”. According to political analysts and local experts, the process for the team Alikhanov, and then the businessman was initiated by the then head of Karelia, who tried to seize control of the city. Alikhanov became a consistent critic of the government of the Republic. In December 2014 the meeting Khudilainen with the deputies of the Karelian Legislative Assembly, the chief Executive officer has proposed to disband the Karelian government and during skirmishes with the Khudilainen has hinted at a scandalous history of Siverskiy forest. In this case, the Khudilainen was held as a witness (section Siversky forest in the Leningrad region, at first illegally sold, and then were cut down to build a luxury property; a decree for the sale in 2005, was signed by the Khudilainen, then – head of the Gatchina district). Now, of course, should be punished are the people who judge such violations Feb 2015 Alikhanov was arrested and sent to jail. He was accused of illegal border crossing through the diplomatic passport, which he had to pass after leaving Parliament, and fraud in especially large size. According to investigators, the chief Executive officer in 2007-2008 through nominees bought the property from the administration of Petrozavodsk 13 premises of the savings banks than “caused damage to city Treasury” of 35 million rubles. In April 2015 he vouched for seven deputies from three parliamentary factions of the Republic of Karelia ("United Russia", CPRF and "Yabloko"). Among them was the current leader of the party "Yabloko" Emilia Slabunov. 24 November 2017 judge of Petrozavodsk city court Natalia manionak sentenced Alikhanov: six years in a strict regime colony, a fine of 700 thousand rubles to 8 million rubles in a civil lawsuit in favor of the administration. By the time the businessman has been in solitary confinement prison for almost three years. During the transport along the corridor he said, "KARELA store!" or "We, the Karelians, not the first time". With friends joked that finally get some rest, and will be released tattoos all over, like a reputable thief. If he then confessed that he didn't do, still would be sitting In January 2018, the Supreme court left the previous Alikhanov the verdict. 25 April 2018, the European court of human rights ruled that the businessman illegally spent three years in remand prison on charges of fraud. In November, the Russian government agreed with the decision of the ECHR and paid Alikhanov compensation. 5 Dec lawyer Alikhanov Michael Scogin reported that the Presidium of the Russian Supreme court overturned the conviction and exonerated his client. – This is the second case in the Russian judicial practice, when the members of the Bureau went beyond the issues under consideration and made a decision over the verdict, said Scogin. – The system is unpredictable. When he was tried, Devlet did not take the easy way out: own up, as he suggested. If he then confessed that he didn't do, still be sitting, probably, the businessman says Vasily Popov. Over the years that Alikhanov was imprisoned, his grandson was born. For a while, while he was under investigation, there have been changes in the political life of Petrozavodsk. Took place the trial of another opposition leader and business partner Alikhanov, Karelian leader "the Apple" Vasily Popov. Cousin Popova Svetlana Cecil went to the colony, the wife of Anastasia Kravchuk received a suspended sentence in the “case Petropit”, which also lay fraud charges with the privatization of city buildings. Priests in hiding in Finland, where he was granted political asylum in 2017: the Russian authorities in absentia arrested him and declared the Federal wanted list. As mayor of the city at the end of 2015 has been displaced and close to Apple circles Galina Shirshina. His departure and the arrests of political rivals Shirshina involved the then head of Karelia Republic Alexander Hudilainen. Is a period of work-related Khudilainen and his influence in the military, says Shirshina. – I'm terrified of the fact that Alikhanov three years of life are deprived, and deprived not only him but also his family, his colleagues, deprived of those with whom he worked. It's all disgusting and once again confirms the period of stay in power Khudilainen to Petrozavodsk is one of the most unpleasant. People who did not say that he would like to hear from the Governor, but he did what I think is necessary and important for other people, simply erased from the face of the earth – that Svetlana Chechil survived, and devletian Alikhanov, and Olga Zaleska, Anastasia Kravchuk, Alexander Kornilov. The khudilainen, who retired in February 2017, to resign, to comment on the situation in conversation with the correspondent of Radio Liberty refused. 5 December 2018 with Devletian Alikhanov was not only cleared of all charges – he was released with the right to rehabilitation. Is this "test water". This practice was used in the Middle ages: you scald your hand if healing means, of a crime you didn't commit. Since then, nothing has changed, – said lawyer Michael Login. – Sometimes an adversarial process when the parties have equal rights, and we have a process – inquisitorial-adversarial: in one case you give to speak, in the other not give. According to the Karelian scientist Oleg Reut, return Alikhanov in Karelia can change the political situation in the region. In modern political theory there is a very important and promising direction is the theory of political emotions. One of these emotions is a manifestation of revenge, or the intention to repay for the insult, hurt, or suffering. When Alikhanov will return to political life, he, because of his personal characteristics and because of the circumstances in which it is located, will retaliate in a political sense, says Reut.

The leader of the "Yabloko" party considers it possible to Emilia Slabunov return Alikhanov in politics, but gives conservative estimates are: – the Executive power, clearly on the order (or the participation) which have carried out repressive actions against Alikhanov, carried a lot of shame – the abolition of the sentence and the rehabilitation of the convicted person, and it gives you some hope. About the return policy Alikhanov talking is difficult, you first need to talk with him. But it would be important and right for him in politics back, because experience experienced they will cause voters additional confidence. About his plans Alikhanov promised to tell at the press conference, but when it takes place, it is not clear: yesterday's prisoner need time to "recover".