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As in the divorce to do with family loans

Question - answer - Legal advice 10.12.2018 at 14:21

Question - answer - Legal advice


property upon divorce - the theme of eternal, painful and difficult. [Newline] recent years, the section jointly acquired apartments, cottages, garages, spoons and

chairs added section on Bank loans.

At the

the optimistic statistics, every second Russian family has

liabilities to banks. And decays, according to the same statistics,

every second marriage. Therefore, the analysis of litigation about duties

former spouse in respect of loan taken during the marriage and not

paid to the divorce, can be very useful. Such a test

litigation carried to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.

so, in Adler the court

was contacted by a citizen with a claim to the former spouse. In the complaint it was said that

during the marriage at the Bank they had taken a loan of one million rubles. From this

the amount of the spouse had to repay the Bank little more than two hundred thousand. [Newline] the year after the dissolution of the marriage, the Adler district court found

the debt on the loan - a little more than 800 thousand rubles - total debt

the couple - each was half of the debt.

the Court has total debt of the spouses is distributed, but he did not define the duty of each spouse to the Bank